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Sep 28, 2009
The Admins and Moderators at BGWFans have had long and numerous discussions on how to handle the influx of posts containing unverified rumors; whether to allow them, delete them, or edit them.  

On one hand we want to keep discussions open and enjoyable without extreme interference from Admins and Moderators. Yet, we also have to consider how information that is unverified may have a detrimental effect of the moral of the forum members, or even be considered slander or libel without absolute proof.  

Many members here are worried about several rumors going around about the state of the park; and rightfully so.  As of right now, no official statement has been made regarding the happenings described by several sources within the park.

At BGWFans we have decided to allow these unverified rumors to be discussed. We pride ourselves on having an open forums for the fans but we also see the nature of this kind of information as "Water Cooler Gossip" until proven without a doubt.

Our official stance is to wait and see what is true and what is not before any article or statement is to be published from the site. At this time, we cannot confirm everything being said; so please have patience until later this year to see exactly what happens.

In the meantime, only posts that provide factual evidence will be considered as true;the rest is considered up for speculative discussion.

Please keep insults to any person, employee, ParkFans staff, or even fellow forum members to an absolute minimum. Anything that could be considered slander or libel will be deleted immediately. Thank you for your understanding.
It's worth noting that after posting what you see above, Nora went through the entire thread that inspired this (you know the one) and removed anything in violation of the guidelines set forth above. Thanks Nora!

You know guys, she really should have more reputation than me. :p
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