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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
So just spit-ballin' here but I was thinking wouldn't it be fun to have a thread where people could post selfies from inside the park? Like BAM! here's Luke in line for Griffon or WACK! here's Zimmy next to the Archie Mikey statue or even SHAZOO! here's Zach stealing a stuffed animal from the Emporium. Just rolling here, and of course they don't have to be selfies but just a quick snap of something while in the park, in real time. Maybe it could even be a game of "guess where I am"!
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With all the paranoia seemingly surrounding the photo ID passes I doubt too many people will be on board for this..
Fur Dozy said:
Being tall is a great alternative to selfie sticks. Or, gasp, the dreaded passerby strategy(I know, not a selfie).

I've always preferred the stranger strategy. I did this last year and the stranger turned out to be one of the Celtic Fyre dancers. Happy coincidence, really.
Merboy said:
Luke said:

Luke, you take the BEST pictures. Do you photograph professionally? Because srsly. Your BGW gallery is off-the-charts-amazing. I LOVE looking through it.
Thank you very much!! I do. :)
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