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Mar 4, 2014
Chesapeake, Virginia
I know we have an excellent collection of music played in both Virginia parks so I figured I would start to collect the music from Busch in Florida. I was only there two days and it was my first time so I only got a few songs, but maybe others on this forum could grab a few while they are there:

Park Entrance
-Ben-Hur OST - Prelude

-Mbube - Mahotella Queens

-Riad Beat - Abdul Al Kahabir
-Voices Of Arabia - Abdul Al Kahabir

If anyone visits the park anytime soon, feel free to add some of the songs that you find!
Sep 29, 2009
Also by Abdul Al Kahabir in Morocco:
-Voices of Arabia
-Mystic Saba
-Arabian Sea
-Riad Beat

I'm not sure about the exact play locations of the rest but here are some others that are played, some throughout the park:

-Bellydance - Edvin Martin
-Spirit of the Forest - Baka Beyond*
-Miombo Beat - African Tribal Orchestra
-Fantasy - Ali Akbar Kahn
-La Chinita- Los Incas*
-Ya Ali (Version One) - Zubeen Garg

*Indicates that the song played before Iceploration as well as in the park.
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