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Sep 28, 2009
IllumiNights at Busch Gardens Williamsburg ~ Don't Miss It!

By Nora Marien
July 4th, 2010​



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I did say that "The promise of fireworks every night along with a European cultural themed extravaganza from June 28th through August 22nd was tantalizing for an ultimate park guru like myself." I also wrote: "IllumiNights is a celebration that spans the entire park with unique shows featured around the various countries. The magic starts at 5pm and continues on until 9:30pm when a Fireworks Display that is simultaneously set to an amazing original soundtrack, concludes the festivities. "

This report is a little different from my normal reports. For one, I tried to keep it short and left most of the personal experiences out this time. For a person who likes to write exactly how they speak... that is not easy let me tell you.
Where was the water and fire used in the Da Vinci show? They were good acrobats, but the show discription was wrong.
Well, I was assuming the themeing was water and fire due to the colors and items they were carrying. Maybe I should have been more alluding to the fact that they seemed to have a "elements" based allusion.

Thanks and I'll see if Chris can change my wording on the main site as I can see now that it sounds confusing. Chris would you mind removing that part in the article on the main site.. I have already done so on the forum.

Thanks! :)
Has anyone done the "IllumiNights on the Rhine" cruise? Just wondering what kind of view you get from the boats.
I have heard from someone who took the cruise that they loved it. I plan on going with the hubby. Seems kind of sweet in a way; great for a date night.
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