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Busch Gardens Williamsburg
~ Illuminights ~
* It's A Whole New Park After Dark *
June 28th - August 22nd

Powerful Irish legends come to life as performers spin a mythical tale of leprechauns, lost fortune and fairy princesses.
Look to the Killarney rooftops, where larger-than-life puppets will appear against the night sky.

Join us for the first parade in Busch Gardens' history, inspired by the World's Fair held in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century.
The Parisian promenade features the exuberant glamour and high fashion for which the city is famous.

Busch Gardens unveils the world's largest living cuckoo clock.​
This monumental invention stands more than fifty feet tall and springs to life with live performers and special effects, culminating in a big surprise.​

Da Vinci's Garden of Inventions features colorful acrobats who perform impossible feats while balancing the elements of water and fire.​

5,6,7,8 and 9pm. Live performances occurring multiple times throughout the night.
Tour de Force : Fireworks nightly at 9:30pm.

Illuminights Concert Series
July 10-11.....B-52s
July 17-18.....Creedence Clearwater Revisited
July 24-25.....The Bangles
July 31-Aug 1.....The Fixx
Aug 7-8.....American Idol's David Cook
Aug 14-15.....Grand Funk Railroad
Aug 21-22.....Hannah Montana's Emily Osment

Dining Opportunities
Special menu items have been created just for this event from simple fare like Illuminights lemonade with flavor shots, swirl ice-cream and kettle corn to​
full-menu options like Irish nachos and confetti cake. Look for these special items and more culinary delights located throughout the park.​

Take the glow of Illuminights home with signature items inspired by Busch Gardens' newest nighttime event,​
including one-of-a-kind items like Illuminights souvenir glow cups, wacky hats and crazy cuckoo clocks.​

See Illuminights in a Whole New Light!
A Summer Stroll

Take your time and enjoy Illuminights.
Performances are held multiple times throughout the night in Ireland, France, Oktoberfest and Italy.

Relaxing on the Rhine
A Rhine River Cruise provides breath-taking views of the Tour De Force : Fireworks Finale.
To book your fireworks cruise, visit the Information and Reservation Center or the Pass Sales Office located in England.

Food, Fun and Fireworks

France has it all. Bistro 205 is home to the All-You-Care-To-Eat buffet and features exclusive patio seating for the Tour de Force : Fireworks Finale.
To book your buffet, visit the Information and Reservation Center or Pass Sales Office located in England.

(Fixed a spelling mistake for you. ~Swiftman)


Sep 23, 2009
I don't have a problem with them charging for it, but $20 for a boat ride seems a little steep to me... I'd say that $10 would be a good price.

Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
well if they still let you ride the coasters free while they go I'm fine with it.

Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
even though I dont like griffon that much, it's actually the best for fireworks, because of all the pauses. Apollo is good too. Last year they did them on the bridge down past bbw and in the fields behind Italy, so you couldnt even ride apollo.
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