What is your favorite IllumiNights show this year?

  • Giardino Magico

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • The Legend of Killarney

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Voila!

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • Wunderbarn

    Votes: 3 17.6%

  • Total voters
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Sep 23, 2009
This is a continuation of the IllumiNights 2012 Rumors thread which can be found here.

Sorry the thread is a few hours late. Busy day. Did you see it yesterday? Any good?
I want to know anything and everything! Let's get the reports rolling in! :)
The Wunderbarn show actually was pretty good for an Illuminights show. It's like "This is Oktoberfest!" but without the musicians and outside. A lot of the German dancing, some funny jokes (even a good subtle adult joke about Heine's horn not working ;) ) The chicken puppets were pretty good too. In the ranking of Illuminights shows, I'd put it right behind the best show, Il Giardino Magico.

Didn't get to see Voila this time. Anything different about it?

The Legend of Killarney still references the Mayor of Aquitaine even though he's no longer seen in France, as the parade is no longer there.
Heading to BGW this weekend (Fri-Sun) and it will be my first time attending Illuminights. Thinking about hitting two of the shows each night? Any suggestions? And where is the best place in the park to watch the Fireworks?

The absolute best place to see the fireworks is either atop Mach Tower or riding Apollo's Chariot.

You can get some pretty good views from the Festhaus entrance, the parking lot, Griffon bridge, and Loch Ness bridge. The Italy bridge is a prime viewing area so there will be large crowds there.
Voila is great. It's a very technical acrobat/juggler/ladder act. If anything, it lacks audience interaction.
Wunderbarn is awful. I'll be surprised it if lasts in it current incarnation for very long. If you're going to use fart jokes, they'd damn well be funny.
Killarney is cute. Nice for kids.
Giardino Magico is okay. Very strong and talented ladies, just lacking some polish. Not a good show if you're looking for a storyline.
The 9:00pm Giardino Magico performance has beautiful lighting and the Italy Gardens where the performance takes place is also a good place to watch the fireworks.
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Here are some pictures I took of the new show not the best pictures.


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I've watched the fireworks from Da Vinci's Garden of Inventions, Ireland, and near Griffon's splash pool, and they were all different but good viewing locations. I've never watched from Germany, so I'm wondering what the view is like from there. I imagine they could be viewed from in front of the Festhaus, but is that true or is there anywhere else in Germany to see them from? Is it obstructed there?

What about the bridge down on the water near the Rhine River Cruise boat docks? Is that a good viewing place?

Also, if you watch from the bridge leading to Festa Italia (over the RR tracks) can the music be heard there? I noticed when leaving after the fireworks last year, that I couldn't hear music while crossing over that bridge, but it could have been a one time fluke.
Oktoberfest and Italy are prime spores anywhere you can find a clearing in the sky. The Loch Ness bridge is as perfect as the San Marco bridge just a little further away.

They added extra speakers and blast the sound by the edge to where you can hear it on the bridge, which I would think you could hear it perfectly.
phillyfan1288 said:
And where is the best place in the park to watch the Fireworks?

Roman Rapids. They are right over your head. You have a completely unobstructed view (can even sit down) and no one ever goes back there. I watch them there every time.
On Monday night I was practically chased down by the head of Entertainment (I think his name is Scott but I am horrible at remembering names lol) before leaving the park. He wanted to know how I liked the shows. I told him that I had been at Water Country most of the day but was able to catch the new show in Germany and the San Marco show. I told him the truth about the shows and he also asked how my 7 year old daughter liked the show and I told him that she is pretty much scared of her shadow so when the chickens popped out of the coop in Germany she was done. Just wanted to let ya'll know that they are definitely looking for feedback on the shows so if you happen to see any one from entertainment walking around the park let them know what you think of the Illuminights show.
Roman rapids sounds like a good viewing spot. Can you hear the music well there? That's important to me.
Where ever there is a speaker in the park the music is played. It is broadcasted through the entire park.
There was a technical issue this evening with the fireworks. A mistake caused the audio and pyro to skip to the final song and then stop. The remaining fireworks were launched around 10:15pm.
BGWfan said:
There was a technical issue this evening with the fireworks. A mistake caused the audio and pyro to skip to the final song and then stop. The remaining fireworks were launched around 10:15pm.

Tonight's Illuminights fireworks are brought to you by the City of San Diego. :D

But seriously what changed from July 4th ( or the last time they ran the sequence) to now? How hard could it be to switch from whatever unique sequence they may have had for the July 4th holiday to their original sequence?
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The issue was the audio skipped to the last song but the fireworks stayed in order. They cut the audio and then stopped the fireworks. The fireworks resumed in order later in the evening. It was an audio malfunction.

They could be usin a CD in an audio device to broadcast the music and the CD could of gotten a scratch or someone pressed a wrong button by accident.
Well I misunderstood. I thought both were out of wack. Sorry.
That's weird because most audio and fireworks are controlled from the same board so they que the show which starts the music and fireworks which the sound is broadcasted to te entire park.
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