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Jun 5, 2014
If I could make changes to the park as it is right now! This is a breakdown of what I would do in each hamlet.

Banbury Cross- Personally, I do not care for all of the decals for "London Rocks" that have been added all over the Globe Theatre. The shows poster is fine, but, I do not like all of the neon colors, especially those that are painted onto the building itself. The vinyl records need to go as well. I would speak with entertainment about how we can improve ALL of the shows throughout the park, by conducting a new survey that asked for partons to give their thoughts about what they liked and didnt. The shows that BGW showcases, are very rare among theme parks, and their recognition is of the utmost importance. It is that experience, which makes BGW a theme park for a wide margin of guests with varied interests. Other than redoing the exterior of the Globe's theatre, I would also move the Double Deck Bus closer to the side exit near the bathrooms. This would free up the area in front of the theatres front; while encouraging sales merchandise to the guest who leave the theatres exit. On the slowest days of the week, I would allow the Skyride to be offered as a continuous ride to riders.

Heatherdowns- Would remain untouched. In the stable area, I would not really do anything other than basic maintenance and upkeep. Other than cleaning the area around Loch Ness exit towards the left. Speak to landscaping about adding more shrubbery or trees to implement a Scottish highland look. Likewise on path leading down towards Rhine River.

Killarney- I would encourage a set schedule for the individual village bands. This seems to be a great idea and helps to establish a feel for our different hamlets , and provide entertainment for guests. I would also require a set of costumes that reflect the hamelets they represent, be required for the bands to wear while performing. The tree would be given a new recording that said different Irish sayings and their meanings.

The Wildlife Reserve- If possible, I would want to look at someway of having this entire areas aesthetic look be somewhat congruent with the parks theme of "Europe". I really like this area, and think that it showcases a committment to the park's interest in wildlife preservation. Having it have a thematic relationship with the park, should be important. I like the stone-Medieval look of the Wolf Valley and Wolf Haven, and to have that appearance throughout until reaching Aquitane.

Aquitane- This hamlet gets a new ride! Well...sort of..Turkish Delight, formally in Festa Italia..has made it's way over the Aquitane, and is now called "Creme' Brule'". A new building will be build to house the ride and represents a bakery. In fact a new eatery called "Le Patisserie", a small bakery that specializes in Belgian and French pastries and sweets. These two places will be housed in the area between the train tracks and Le Aeronaut. The ride will be housed in a round enclosure that resembles a gazebo matching the architecture of Aquitane.

New France- This area is getting a huge overhaul! The area's of New France and the area around Alpengeist are merging to become an new area known as "The Alps". Through some new theming and developing a more congruent transition between Aquitane and Rhineland, both sides will actually become two distinct areas known as "The French Alps" and "The Swiss Alps".

Rhineland- The Rhine River Cruises are deservedly in for an upgrade. As one of the oldest attractions in the park, this ride is beginning to show its age. A new boat house needs to be constructed that typically represents a small riverside village on the Rhine River. Other than that, there is not much improvement needed to the area, other than general maintenance and upkeep.

Oktoberfest- I would do something about the flooring the the Festhaus. Have it in a pattern or a more pleasing color. Der Autobahn needs a few minor repairs. I would make sure that all cars are operating and those that are not, will be sent to Maintenance to use for parts. The backside of the ride needs Some thick foliage planted to help hide the metal building housing Verbolten's inside track. I think some large fur or cedars trees can be planted behind Der Autobahn to remedy this problem. A major project in the area I would like to see is the construction of a Railroad Station in the Black Forest Picnic area. I would also like to see the path along the railroad tracks assessed and see if there are any aesthetic improvements that need to be fixed. For instance, are back areas behind rides and shows completely exposed, are there any areas of park maintenance that can be seen clearly, are there areas around rides that can be viewed from the train and need to be cleaned up.

San Marco-I am pleased with the look of San Marco and Davinci's Garden currently. I think that a few minor repairs are needed on the "pully devices" around DaVinci's cradle.

Festa Italia/Pompeii-Pompeii will remains it's own entity, whereas Festa Italia becomes...Rome! Yes! The area will now make for a smooth transition between San Marco and Pompeii and will also have a solid and unified theme for the hamlet. First, when coming into Rome, the gypsy wagon has been removed and a small temple with a statue of a Roman God has been erected. The entire area will be restaged and themed to reflect an Ancient Roman market place. This will preserved some of the buildings already have a bazaar type them, and integrating that into the overall plan for the area. Both Trade Winds and Apollo's Chariot will have a thematic overhaul. First, Apollo's Chariot, will have a queue area and station that are more representative of a temple. Purple and Gold will still remain the color scheme throughout. Throughout the rest of the hamlet, canopies and table umbrellas will follow the same. The roofs for Roman Frieze, La Cucina and other permanent building will have a terra cota roof color. Trade Winds building will follow the same roof repaint and theme overall, but will now be called "The Roman Candle" In the place of the previous Turkish Delight...the "Spider" would be brought out of storage and repained and themed to be called either "The Hydra" or "Medusa". Finally, Roman Rapids would go through some small improvements along it's course, with the addition of some new effects. The new roller coaster should be themed to blend in with the area surrounding it, but, I would push for calling it, "The Minotaur". I think that it's small imprint( building") can be themed after the famous labyrinth that housed the beast.

Forest of Fun- Other than minor maintenance, I see nothing wrong with the area currently.

What do you guys think?
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