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For any of our local forum members, we're having an informal meet up for the final Iceploration performance of the year this evening. We'll meet at Caravan Crossing gift shop near the theater at 4:45 p.m., and head over to the theater to grab seats at about 5.

If you're on facebook, you can see the details here:
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I just have to say after seeing a video of the show and seeing that picture, that there is a lot of trust in this show between the performers. If I ever got a chance to see this in person, i'm sure I would be on the edge of my seat as the guy skater is spinning the female skater around incredibly fast.

EDIT: Looks like I can't embed to a specific part, but it starts at 26 minutes and 29 seconds.
Does anyone know the actual end date for this show? I have heard that it will be wrapping up in April. Just wondering if it will still be operational when we go down for our spring break trip in early April.
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