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RE: Hyper Sonic XLC

One of only two coasters that has pulled at least 2Gs in a launch, the other being Dodonpa out in Japan.

The ride required airplane grade tires in order to handle the strain. I believe it also had trims on the vertical section.
The line was always long but I enjoyed the extremely short ride. This POV (posted above) makes the scenery around the ride look slightly nice where I remember it as being sided by an ugly fence with an almost unrelieved asphalt paved road throughout.  See an actual POV
.  Nonetheless, I liked the ride and theming could have been added later; it just never was and then it was gone.
Was this thing any fun at all? i remember seeing it on Travel Channel years ago but never knew anyone that had rode it.
Agreed - Although nearly 40 mph slower than Top Thrill Dragster, I found this launch much more intense. 0-81 MPH in 1.8 seconds! Too bad the capacity, ride placement, and mechanics of the ride sucked...
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I agree that it was mostly mental, but it was fun to ride once. The line for the front was insane, but I got lucky that the guy who was supposed to sit in the front chickened out and begged to switch with me and my friend who had waited half the time for the 2nd row. Half the wait, best seat on the ride, intense launch, and smooth ride. I enjoyed it.
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