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Closed early this year for off-season retracking efforts. From what I saw on the 20th, the corners were being retracked and everything else was untouched.
I think this coaster is fun and hope it stays around for a bit. I like it more than Volcano and i305.
It used to be fun, but a few years ago they did a re-track and the airtime got nuked. I think they might have done something to the trims.
So it looks like GCI (Great Coasters International) are doing some major refab to the Hurler down at Carowinds, which too my knowledge it a replica of Hurler at KD). Could we possibly be seeing GCI do some track/ support work on our Hurler or possibly some of ours other woodies. Even though I would prefer Hurler to be burnt to the ground.

It looks like they are also redesigning the first turn after the drop after scrolling through the pictures linked above to improve the riders experience as well as maintenance.
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I would love to see all of the woodies at KD get some work done on them. I've never really appreciated rougher wooden coasters; I like the smooth rides. If I recall correctly, though, the last time that I visited I thought Hurler was in the best shape.
This is really exciting to see. I've always hated that turn on Hurler. It had like no banking. I will be visiting Caro this coming season so I am excited.
An LED light package alone wouldn't necessitate a ride being closed for the first 2 months of operation. This is definitely a major project that's going to keep the ride closed, like Evan said another re-tracking seems to be in order (maybe from GCI this time?).
GCI posted several photos of the re-tracking/ re-profile or Hurler at Carowinds. Someone asked them if they were going to do the same for us here, and they said Kings Dominion hadn't contacted them in order to do so.


It actually seems they deleted their comment or I'm going crazy.
^They kind-of already are, by working at another CF owned park right? It at least means that they are a trusted source.
Those types of choices are made by each maintenance department. They are the ones that usually contract them to do the work. I'm not sure if corporate has to make that approval since retracking is something that has to occur on old wooden rides.
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