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To add onto the English bit, do we know exactly what plays in England?

Also, thought I'd add my own contribution:
New France:
Nox Arcana - The Nameless City
Nox Arcana - Alhazred's Vision
Thanks! And I believe a while back on the thread someone discovered that Nox Arcana’s Winter Knight album plays in England. I personally heard Solitude, Crystal Forest, and December Winds from the album.
Every song posted to this discussion forum (as well as the 2011/2012 HOS music forum) all in one Spotify playlist:
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If there are any songs that I missed, please let me know! I tried to add everything that was posted in these forums.

sweet, thank you! I'm not sure why i'm just deciding to read this thread now, but i'm glad it did :)
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So, this got me thinking that I would love to listen to my Lost Boys soundtrack; it would be perfect to get me in the HOS mood. Then I realized that I have no idea where any of my cassettes are or if I have any way to play them anymore. Then I just started feeling old.
Luckily I have the soundtrack on my phone (Great Soundtrack!). I thought when Lost Boys came out we were well into CDs (Otherwise I would have a vinyl copy)
Lost Boys came out in 1987, right in the transition period from cassette to CD. At that point I still had a tape deck in my car.
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