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Pretzel Kaiser

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Apr 5, 2011
In the 2011 Howl-o-Scream thread, the subject came up about if there should be a house for ages 18 and up and would required ID check. The thread got derailed, but not wanting to simply stop a good conversation, a separate thread was created. I suggest that you read the thread for the full (and rather entertaining) discussion so far, but below is a brief summary of the arguments.

Pro 18+ House:
-Parents are irresponsible and will not only keep children past the time HoS goes into effect, but will take them into houses causing them to cry and ruin the experience for everybody else.
-Teens will act out in houses with fake masculinity from the boys, fake screaming from the girls, and general behavior that is disruptive to the other patrons.
-It suggested it could be an up charge house to lessen the GP's negative reaction to being limited as well as ensure a good time by the guest. This would be similar to BGT's "Alone" house.

Anti 18+ House:
-By having something that's not family friendly in an theme park, you could ruin it's reputation.
-Having an 18+ house is unfair to the teens who behave properly in public.
-There are plenty of things people who are over 18 can do outside of BGW, so why have one there?

Now, what's /your/ opinion? Do you wish there was a house that was 18+? Do you have story about a bad time involving other people at Howl-o-Scream?

note: I tried to cover the main gist of the anti 18+ arguments, if somebody wants to give me a better summary, I'll edit it.
I'm all for an "extra ticket" house. I think it would solve all of the perceived problems, while not alienating anyone or promoting the wrong image.
I think a pay house would have to be a solitary thing like Alone or 18+ to address the issue.
For argument sake let's refer to "kids" as anybody under 18 since the topic is about an 18+ house. Kids can have jobs, get money from parents, steal, ect. It's not impossible for kids to have money, especially at a theme park.

That being said, I would love to see statistical data as far as ages for Alone visitors.
So that leaves us with "have an 18+ house and remove a large chunk of bad people" or "not have an 18+ house and have more bad people".

By no way am I saying that an 18+ house would solve every single issue, it would fix a lot of them though.
Not to either sound cold or insult you personally (by this conversation you've already proven yourself more mature than other teenagers), but that's life. There are plenty of things you can't do as it is right now because your age group is notorious for being immature. Look at Rebecca Black.
Busch wouldnt even go through with an 18+ house anyway.
Teenagers arent the only probelm here, Adults act stupid to.
Like my brother, he is what 26 and when we go to haunted houses he screams in the scare actors face.
you cant generalize a whole group of people because a few act like that.

studiopzp said:
Not to either sound cold or insult you personally (by this conversation you've already proven yourself more mature than other teenagers), but that's life. There are plenty of things you can't do as it is right now because your age group is notorious for being immature. Look at Rebecca Black.

I think the one thing everybody agrees on is that BG will never do it. However, generalizations do happen and they're used everyday legally. Why else do you think you're not able to buy beer or cigarettes? Even BG saying that HoS is intended for ages 13+ is a generalization, I've met 7 year olds who could handle it maturely.
why does everybody hate on rebecca black? her parents paid for her to sing a song someone else wrote. I just consider her spoiled. Didn't she give all the money she was getting to japan earthquake relief?

But back ok topic, I think bgw could do it. Maybe look at the alone numbers from tampa. I'm curious how well that did down there.

If they do it and it is a flop, at least it would only be one season.
Sorry, there, Kiss_n_tell, but here's a life lesson for you: people will always try and find ways to not have to deal with people and opinions they don't like. Age limits are one of these things people use all the time as a convenient excuse to prejudge others and discriminate against them. The sad reality of it is that deep down, most people just want to tell everybody else what to do, and in the case of kids, you come with a built-in excuse to do just that. People will treat you like you're an idiot because you are younger than them, and you'll deal with this in a major way until you're 18...then, because this is (after all) just a randomly chosen number when "adulthood" starts, people who don't like what you have to say will still make some things 21+...and when you turn 21 you'll find there are still things that people will try to prevent you from doing because they don't want to deal with you. But then, at around 24-ish, you'll start to find that people run out of acceptable excuses to discriminate against you (even though some will still are a girl, after all, and then there's your race/ethnicity, national/state origins, religious beliefs, etc...). Just hang in there for a few more years, and hopefully, when you're "of age" you'll remember how absolutely pointless and ridiculous many (not all) of these restrictions were, and you won't bother people who are younger than you with them.

NOTE: I am not telling you to start smoking or drinking. You're better off not doing that stuff even when you're an adult. I don't do that stuff, and I'm nearly 30 years old. I'm also not telling you not to listen to your parents/guardians. They care more about you than anyone else in the world and are trying to make sure you don't do dangerous or stupid things that will ruin your life. LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. STAY IN SCHOOL.

That said, we're not talking about smoking, drinking, or other dangerous and destructive behaviors. We're talking about freaking haunted houses at an amusement park. Seriously, an 18+ haunted house at Busch Gardens makes about as much sense as an R-rated Harry Potter movie. They don't even put 18+ restrictions on the stuff at HHN.

I will ask, for the 18th time: what in the world are you hoping to put in a haunted house that a 15 year old couldn't see?
It's not what they couldn't see, it's what they wouldn't see.

In a house where everyone has to be 18+ (21+?), the actors wouldn't have to pay attention to who they're scaring, if they'll going to step on someone's kid, etc. They get to just scare people. The lower crowd levels would enable an "Alone"-like story and setup where smaller groups (10 or so) could be moved through the house at a set pace- room by room. Doing a house like this with your average 14 to 18 year-olds would be a nightmare for everyone involved. I should know. I'm in that age range. Most people my age are flat out stupid.
So people are unjustified when they say kids do dumb things at the cost of others? This isn't about being mean, this is about trying to have a good time.

As far as the house issue, the reason there should be be an 18+ house at an amusment park is to be amused. Kids can easily take the fun out of a house, that's the whole argument. We've answered the content question before. It's not about content, but quality of the expirience.
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