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I was actually thinking more of an interactive Terrot-tory experience. Like a pirate raid or something.

Not booze.
I believe i pitched this idea before. Using Fog/mist curtain and use of projections to create a ghost ship and sea monsters
I am not sure if I care if they make is "scary," I just want them to pick one direction and go with it. If they want it to be a drunken party fine, make it a drunken party. If they want it to be scary, then quit painting things blue and having horrible stand up comedians. Right now they are trying to be all things to all people. That never ends well.
It is interesting to see how the conversation has taken its turn. First it was either make it KIDisderate or make it a adult or mature event. Now it seems that adult/mature event idea has broken off into even more specific branches of horror versus party. I wonder if the event can be made more specific even then.
Not to mix multiple threads here, but I think we can not look at this in a vacuum. When we were talking about what we would change in October we suspected the park was having fiscal issues but they seemed not to care. Today the market has changed. They know and we know the park is making huge cuts. I believe Maz quoted 50m (I am not sure where the number came from, but I will assume for argument that it is solid). If we do not shade our thinking along these lines we are whistling into the wind.

So why does that matter?

We are now looking at how the park can maximize the HOS experience while cutting costs. From my POV that curtailing the focus of the event creates economies of scale. Certainly you may loose certain people and their ticket sales, but how much does an 8 year old buy? Sadly I know where BGW would take this, straight to the booze. HOS will become Xmas town for Halloween.
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Zimmy said:
I believe Maz quoted 50m (I am not sure where the number came from, but I will assume for argument that it is solid).

50 Million is how much SEAS expects to save by the end of 2015 after restructuring and all the lay-offs are complete. Soon after that came out Zachary said that there would be big cuts in other areas than just personnel such as Zoology. I believe the personnel cuts (50m) is separately calculated from the other areas.
I think I'm being misunderstood. Yes, I hate the party thing and I think it's silly for the park to do what any other club in the area does better. That's not what I'm taking about. I want the scares at the park to be scary. I want better atmosphere and proper training for the scare actors. I want house layouts desigbed to hide actors better.
'Scary Sexy' is the direction HOS is going if my intoxicated memory serves me correct. PK and Zimmy can confirm this for me. They also heard this spoken path.
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Certainly I would prefer they go in the direction of scare and away from funny pirates I just want them to pick one direction and stick with it.

That is what Carl indicated to us. We certainly agree they have the sexy part down, it is the scary part that they seem to lack.
Joe said:
Sounds like an expensive undertaking for a park that uses trash bags for decor. Maybe this concept would be more feasible as an up-charge attraction?

My original idea (I think two years ago?) was not conceived in the current fiscal climate. And it was as an up-charge. That said, I wasn't advocating they do it now, just that it would be cool.
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Oh, sorry Nicole. My post was in reference to the idea that was posted on the previous page, not yours. :p And your concept was cool!
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I think the problem has been SWP&E was trying to stand on its own. it faltered when people wanted more family friendly, so they invested money in family friendly, but recieved backlash for the loss of scary, so they tried to compensate with the little amount of money they have.Which means crappy investments or single additions which vary from meh to good. Last year was year of the shows(New mainstream show LR which blew, MS:ORR which was decent/good. and then scrooge no more which was great from what i heard.).And before that, each area received some paint and love/refurb(excluding Banbury Cross). This year is shaping up to be year of the attractions. Its possible they may refurbish mazes or replace one or more. Its not like they havent blown lots of money on risky ideas to begin with. With the mild success of WW, and its probably return, we may see a new maze.I hope.
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