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Sep 28, 2009
New York
I've taken some time today to make a rough outline of last year's Howl-O-Scream Mazes, what I think would be good areas for attractions, and our current up-to-date best guesses of this years attractions!

Map #1: My Wishlist/2009 Mazes

Here we see all of the attractions of last year outlined in purple.

What Should Return:
Festhaus Park Mazes: These two mazes have been the major focal points of Howl-O-Scream. This area has seen many attractions, Tormented Tales, Sleepless Hollow Manner, Hunted, Cursed, just to say a few. Followed by a Scare-Zone, these two mazes are important to the success of Howl-O-Scream.

Catacombs: Catacombs debuted last year, by many Howl-O-Scream fans, and members of this website it was dubbed "the best Howl-O-Scream attraction of the year." With its only fault being its length (which is fixable), this attraction should be a regular maze for Howl-O-Scream.

Maze behind Festa Italia: The maze behind Festa Italia has only been in existence for about two years. It served as a replacement for the area where the Forest of Fun was built. Last year it housed Cursed. While Cursed suffered from a bad theme, and possibly bad ScareActors, the area that it was placed in is a valuable asset. Strayed away from sound and light pollution, this area is isolated enough to become its own world. With lots of room to expand, this area is a definite area that Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream Planners should take into consideration of expansion.

Revenge/The Curse of Pompeii: Revenge of Pompeii has been an attraction at Howl-O-Scream for as long as I can remember. It beholds a gem which no other attraction at Howl-O-Scream has, it has complete theming all around it. This attraction's theme fits perfectly into its area, and that is a valuable thing to possess. The only downside of this attraction is that it has been the same for the past few years. With a change of layout, this maze can be golden again.

What Should Not Return:

Cavern of Darkness: Though Cavern of Darkness held some of the same qualities of its theming as Revenge of Pompeii, this attraction may have been the biggest disappointments of Howl-O-Scream 2009. The lighting was just not right, and it seemed like this attraction was built with very little effort using the left overs from other attractions. I doubt this attraction would return anyway since Europe in the Air opened this year.

Map #2: Best Guess Mazes 2010

With very little information, I can only make a guess off of the little information we've got so far, and inferences based off last year.

What May Be Returning:
Festhaus Park Mazes: There is currently no reason for it not to return.
Roman Rapids Maze: This ride was previously used for Masquerage and Last Laugh Industries. Roman Rapids was open last year but didn't get much traffic, so I'd suspect they would close it again this year and use it for a maze.
Maze Behind Festa Italia: This attraction is still set-up, which would leave me to believe that it will be used this year.
Revenge/Curse of Pompeii: It's been a regular, I see no reason for it not to return.
Catacombs: Was a success last year, I'd be surprised if we didn't see a maze in this area this year.

Most Importantly
What are your thoughts?
What mazes would you like in what area?
What mazes do you think we will have this year?
Very well written and well laid-out post. Very well thought out as well. I'd agree with all of it. Might add something to the wishes though... Anyone thought that the Globe would be a perfect place for another HoS house? We heard that there wouldn't be any safe areas this year, so why not?
I like a lot of your ideas.
But here's my opinion;

I actually thought that Cavern Of Darkness was second to the best of out of the all. It had a lot of scare workers in it, and it was really dark in there, so you weren't expecting a thing.
The best out of all was Bitten, though, in my opinion. I love the idea of vampires, and the people that worked there were pretty convincing!!
Third, Harvest Hollow. That was amazing. They made me scream every time!
I loved the scottish men in the front as well- they were creepy, and that super tall guy, OMG.
I did not like Catacombs- and not only for the length reason. Just, something didn't work.
I think that they should have a show in the Royal Palace theater, and like Swiftman said, have a haunted maze in the Globe Theater.
I hope that they have new things this year- in that little flyer I got in the mail, it said that no where will be safe, and that the 12th season will be bigger and scarier than ever. It also said that there will be new attractions... so, hmm.... I'm excited! :shy:
Since I have Swift's permission, this is what I'm predicting for HoS 2010. I hope they'll do ANY of this this year! :D

Imagine, Busch Gardens Williamsburg being a destination for fear, terror and excitement! A place where, "NO WHERE IS SAFE". Where anybody, at any time can EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

Where the entry in to the park is lined with purple, orange and green to set the initial mood. Into England where thousands of black birds watch every step you take. Where faceless people scatter around the country looking for a safe haven from the human-sized Birdman that stalks it's prey. The Birdman has had many victims this year, one of which is having a funeral right at the fountain in England. Maybe the faceless city-folk know how to save you!

Maybe Scotland can be home to a living cemetery? Hundreds of tombstones and ghosts in the trees and the pathways welcome you to your demise.

Ireland, I don't know what they'll do here. Maybe hundreds of hanging pumpkins suspended in mid-air to remind you that Jack is back and he's out to get you! His giant pumpkin centerpiece would surely be a great place to meet Jack, but maybe he'll bring a friend or two?

The Wildlife Reserve would be a great place to introduce one of the most popular animal-based fears of all - spiders. Webs everywhere - above and below you with spiders large and small moving up, down and around their dark lair in search of their next meal. Be careful, though. Spiders rarely keep still and tend to move around quite a bit when stalking their prey.

There was a Disney/Pixar movie a few years ago that had a rat named Remy. It was cute and made Paris look like a great place to live. But what would happen if those rats took over the city and set forth a plague that killed all mankind? Rats everywhere, dead bodies strewn across the land lay as a reminder that even one animal can make a difference in the world.

Many years ago Busch Gardens had men with chainsaws terrorizing Festa Italia. Clean up began in that city and the chainsaw men were no more. What if these men formed a new bond and grew their hatred for all mankind? What if this group had been raising new recruits behind closed doors - waiting for the exact moment to strike fear into the hearts of mankind? The Logging Camp in New France would make a great place for their wrath to be felt again. The area certainly lends itself to this kind of terror and the decor matches absolutely perfectly, wouldn't you say?

Festhaus Park has been home to many great haunts in recent years. So much so that they have become the 'cream of the Howl-O-Scream' crop. This year, I would hope, would be no exception! Maybe something called, "The Field of Screams" where a never-ending cornfield filled with creatures both dead and undead haunt you. A village torn asunder by years of neglect, death and decay. If it was ever buried here, it would come to life and make sure your living soul doesn't leave alive.

These are just some of "my ideas" of what might happen at Howl-O-Scream this year. I know, I have a very active imagination! I hope some of this could come true. Dare to dream, right? :cool:
Hey, I'm Skyrider, a recent immigrant from BGEscape, anyway.

Here's my wishlist:

1) Bring back Sleepless Hollow Manor-sadly it just dawned on me that the Hudson River Valley doesn't mesh well with Europe, although... the Horseman was a Hessian, so maybe it could be his home and not Ichabod's.
2) Take down the gaudy Christmas lights. They're fine in the Land of the Dragons and the Forest of Fun, but not surrounding and taking up prime land for haunts. What I'm trying to say is bring back the glory days of the Nightmare Express.
3) While I had a blast and loved the theming last year, the names really need to be changed. I mean come on: Bitten, Cursed, Hunted....maybe more of a specific story line. The perfect example of a specific story line is Wicked Woods...and that maze is amazing, oh wait, that maze was amazing.
4) It always surprises me that the park doesn't harp on the Reign of Terror and Robespierre. Catacombs was great, don't get me wrong, but I've always been fascinated by that period, mainly because it's probably the most horrifying period in all of world history.
5) Maybe a "Fleet Street" theme to England, i.e. blood and heads everywhere.
6) Final and biggest wish... Put the SCARE in scare zones. The Moors sounded fantastic, but the delivery not so much. Mischief and Mayhem, was kinda sad(I'm a little partial to the Werewolve Reserve myself).

Anyway, I check the HOS site everyday because I'm dying to know how this year is going to go. Tell you the truth Fall is my favorite time to visit the park.

I'll start by saying welcome to Skyrider.

Skyrider's ideas are really amazing. #3 is very true, I've never liked the extremely generic names- the ones from last year especially. I do take issue with the Nightmare Express idea though. The train is a main mode of transport through the park. I very rarely go to the park and not ride the train. It is a great place to take a break and eat one of those amazing strawberry ice cream cone sundaes that they make- if you haven't tried one, go... like now.

As for LoveDoc's "ideas", lets all hope that they are more than just ideas.
The fact that the train is a main mode of transport is the only drawback, even though it's a huge drawback. And I would say use the Skyride, but in all honesty the Skyride is NOT a "people-eater." Anyway, a guy can dream can't he? hah


P.S. Thanks for the welcome Swiftman.
heres a list of what i think or my imagination lol:

festa (rapids queue house): medusas lair (i know medusa is greek but still it fits lol)

pompeii: stays the same just revamped.
festhaus park:
''The forgotten''

anddddd im still thinkin:p
I just hope that it stays with the Europe theme like last years. Also I hope that they don't use boring names for the mazes and scare zones. And I want it to be scary
They will stick with the European theme. The year they don't is the year that Busch Gardens shuts down. (Yes, I'm really making that prediction.)
I, to be honest, really don't care if it sticks with a European theme or not- I just want it to be big, grand, and SCARY.
Swiftman said:
They will stick with the European theme. The year they don't is the year that Busch Gardens shuts down. (Yes, I'm really making that prediction.)

I wouldn't go that far. I don't think BGT has ever gone with an African theme for HOS and it seems to work fine. Granted, I like the European theme and would much rather have the Euro theme than a generic one, but I wouldn't say if BGW went towards generic theming for HOS that it would really hurt them financially.
Chris said:
Swiftman said:
They will stick with the European theme. The year they don't is the year that Busch Gardens shuts down. (Yes, I'm really making that prediction.)

I wouldn't go that far. I don't think BGT has ever gone with an African theme for HOS and it seems to work fine. Granted, I like the European theme and would much rather have the Euro theme than a generic one, but I wouldn't say if BGW went towards generic theming for HOS that it would really hurt them financially.
I think Tampa only did an African theme once. One year they did a cannibal theme. I agree though, that the European theme really seems to work for Williamsburg. But yes ErinDawn, I too hope this year will be scary, and fun.
I think there has to be and should be safe zones. Period. Some people are going with friends or with their older children after dark and don't want to be scared. There absolutely should be safe zones.
Howl-O-Scream doesn't need safe zones. The hours of 10-5 is completely ample time to see all of the non-HoS attractions. The hours of 5-10 should have no where to hide, I want this year to be the scariest.
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