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Sep 23, 2009
Hot Ice was an ice skating show located at the Globe in the late 1980s. Anyone know more?

Wiki page coming soon.
Evidence of that in modern BGW is the Sesame Street show during Christmastown.
Not a bad show for the kids actually. Every kid in the audience had the same expression on their face: big smiles and eyes glued to the stage. :)
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STMolo said:
Would they do this again you think?

The "Hot Ice" show was the first Ice Skating show to be performed at BGW. I remember seeing the performance. It was sort of weird watching it as the stage floor level in the Globe Theater is high (the stage floor felt like it was almost at eye level). You had to look up and most of the ice was not visible except in the back few rows. I always thought the floor incline in the Globe was very shallow. Not much rake of the seating.

Anyway, when "Hot Ice" ended its run, Busch Gardens brought in another Ice Skating Show a few years later that was performed outdoors on the Royal Palace Amphitheater in France.

The show was performed in the late evening hours. I believe the park had issues keeping the ice surface in good condition. They kept a reflective curtain around the stage ice rink during the day to keep the direct sunlight and heat off of the ice surface. The curtain also held in the cold air conditioning pumped in over the rink. Just as the show was to begin, they would open the curtain revealing the stage ice rink. I don't remember how many seasons this particular show ran. I think it was no more than 2 seasons. Again, I think it was because of the weather conditions that impacted the ice surface. That amphitheater faces the southwest, so you know the late day heat can be pretty intense most of the time in the summer. I did not think the first show performance started until like 7 pm and BGW only had enough time for maybe 2 or 3 shows a day (10 pm close).
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