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Apr 12, 2010
Hey. I've contacted the park in the past to find out what their recipe is for their Wassail (because I LOVE it). They had no problem providing me with it...although the size of the batch for their recipe was VERY large! lol

However, I tried to get their recipe for their hot chocolate...and they said they don't give recipes out. I'm especially interested in their hot chocolate, because my father is allergic to chocolate...and avoids it like the plague. But the hot chocolate at Christmas Town doesn't bother him at all! We haven't been to the park in years now, so I thought I'd try to get the recipe for him.

Any tips on something I should do differently to obtain the recipe?? It's not like I'm going to sell printed copies of it on Ebay or something silly like that. I legitimately only want it for my father.


The park used to be more open about providing guests with information. They even gave, I think it was Haberdasher? a list of the music played in the park at one time. But now they have decided to just not give out any information on anything.

With that said, I know for sure that the CT Hot Chocolate is different from their regular season hot chocolate. Not sure who would know other than become friends with people who work in Culinary and hopefully someone can pass along how they make it.

I know the mashed potatoes they use come already made in plastic bags. Good Luck!
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Let me try to get things straight. There are 2 types of hot coco the park sells. The Christmas Town Signature Hot Coco with or without the peppermint (which is really small bits of peppermint fudge they add and let melt in the hot coco) and then they also sell the Ghirardelli Hot Coco.

Which hot coco is Flamanar asking about? If it is the Ghirardelli hot coco, just buy some of the chocolate, melt it, add milk and enjoy :p
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Thanks alot everyone. I was referring to the Christmas Town (non-Ghirardelli) hot chocolate. I wasn't even aware that they offered hot chocolate in the summertime.

I can pick up some of the Ghirardelli and see if my father can handle that. 2 different types of hot cocoa?? It's bizarre that the park does that.

Thanks again! If the Ghirardelli doesn't work...I'm sunk. I don't know anybody that works at the park...whether it's in culinary or maintenance.

At least I got the Wassail recipe (which I still haven't reduced in size so it can be made at home!).

Yes, and to be honest they have three total hot chocolates, you have those two during Christmas Town, but during the rest of the year, they have a much less tasty hot chocolate that really is not that great at all.
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Very good. Thanks for the info! One more quick question (unrelated to cocoa...but related to food):

Are they still NOT making the waffle cones fresh in the park when you get ice cream?? They used to make them right in the stores. Last time we were there, they weren't making them anymore. We used to love walking by those shops and smelling them making the waffle cones!


As far as I've noticed, yes they are. Considering they still have the irons for making them right behind them. However, I could be wrong.
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Thanks Matthew! Can anyone else confirm or deny that they're still making those waffle cones as you wait? I know they skipped at least one year, because the irons (or whatever it was they were called) were gone from all locations. I believe I sent a letter to them asking them to please bring them back! At the time, they just had pre-made stacks of them already made. irons.
Perhaps the waffle cones are similar to the crepes during the F&WF? I have always seen a stack of pre-made cones that I can remember, then again I don't spend too much time in the ice cream shops.

During the F&WF I noticed the crepes were pre-made and were heated up when ordered. As it turned out, the crepes were made on-site at the park just not as the crepes were ordered. I noticed that after the F&WF they started making crepes only as needed when you ordered them.

So maybe the cones are still made on-site, their just made in mass quantities at one time.
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Thanks Party Rocker. That's highly possible. The big thing we found missing (even thought they still tasted good) was the smell. When they used to make them in each shop, you could smell it from like a block away. I'm sure it helped them sell alot of waffle cones! I know my Dad made many last-minute 'detours' after smelling them making the cones last time we were there (years ago, now). It would be like walking by the Smokehouse, and they weren't smoking anything outside anymore!
chickenking said:
The signature cocoa is just fine for the masses and us cheap scrubs. Only high-maintenance girls like Nic gotta spend $10 bucks on the fancy stuff. :p

Actually, I drink the cider and hot toddies. No hot chocolate for me at CT. Too sweet.
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