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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
Me and my Dad are thinking about doing one of these tours on a Saturday in October:
Eerie Insider

Experience the best of Howl-O-Scream with no lines. All haunted houses, all scare zones, all in one night.
Come join us for the fright of your life … if you dare. Experience the best of Howl-O-Scream with no lines all in one night. Your tour also includes: Priority access for all haunted houses and mazes as well as reserved seating at two of our shows. Tour is limited to only 20 guests per night and is not recommended for children under 12.
All Access Insider

If you’re looking for the ultimate Howl-O-Scream® experience, this tour is for you.
When we say all-access, we mean it. Venture behind-the-curtain with this all-access tour to find the ultimate experience, this tour includes: Priority access to haunted houses, reserved show seating, dinner at Das Festhaus, meet & greet with the cast of one of our shows, get makeup done just like the performers and go behind-the-scenes at one haunted house. Tour is limited to only 20 guests per night and is not recommended for children under 12.
Have you done any of the tours? If so what did you do during the tour and would you recommend it? Thanks!
I've really thought about doing all these. However, the thing is that the longer they keep their houses and shows, the less special these tours become. Why would I want to pay to skip the line of a house that I've been through dozens of times? I used to be able to recite Fiends (the good version at least) by heart, why would I want to pay for that? The only cool unique things about the tours is the meet and greet (you have no control over the show) and the make up.
I believe Deadline is the only house that they give tours for. I am not sure as to what extent you get to see it. One year, I took a regular season insider tour. I was not able to get everything accomplished, so they added a tour of 13 and Deadline. Both of them are interesting to see behind the scenes. It actually made 13 look a little bit more sophisticated.
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I don't get too visit much since I live in Richmond and were really busy so I'm not complaining if I do this. This way I'll be able to hit majority of the HOS activities and a bunch of other things that I've really looked forward for. (BTS deadline, makeup, tour guide explaining Terror-Tories, ETC) This is on my number one list for tours so should be fun!
Only when other people force it on you.

Edit: If you want to do it, great. It's just not that great of a value if you visit the event a lot. I can totally see it being worth it if you don't.
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