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Pretzel Kaiser

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Apr 5, 2011
So based off of Zachary's information about HoS, it looks like Fear Fair will be replaced this year and the park hasn't even decided on a theme for it yet. I think that the park already has a theme for the house and hamlet and they don't even realize it. I propose that they take the decorations from Illuminights and decorate Festa and make a house. The whole thing can be called "Illuminightmares!". It's already based somewhat off a carnival theme, so all they need to do is take the clowns, paint them neon, and set up black lights and you'll have clowns that fit with Illuminights. The park also has the advantage of the big animal props that are already terrifying as they are now. That snail in France? It's now a blood soaked snail preparing children to eat. The ants at glow island? They're swarming over skeletons. The hamlet could have warped versions of pop songs, something the pack can do itself using Audacity or Windows Movie Maker.


The house itself "Celebration in Frights" would have evil versions of characters from all the previous Illuminights shows (Can-Can Girls, Wunderbarn, old Ireland show, ect). It will be a lot of black light effects, strobes, lasers, everything that makes up your typical age 16+ and up party. I also say that the park could use it's over-abundance of glow merchandise as props as well. The house could feature a moving ceiling that has glow swords as spikes, complete with skulls stuck on them. Each room can be based off a different hamlet in the park (Germany Room, France Room, ect) and the music will be the songs they choose for the hamlet slowed down and backwards, as well as the illuminights theme itself backwards mixed in.

The best part of this concept is that it will cost the park very little to make happen since the park already has the props, costumes, ect. They would only have to rebuild the infrastructure to support the house itself, which is something that needed to be done anyway in addition to mixing in various evil clown and gore props. This also has the added bonus of sending off Illuminights into the great unknown since there is no way the event should return next year. I want to thank all those involved to help out with this concept, including Chickenking for the pic.
RE: [HoS] Illuminightmare

I wasn't thinking that is was simply because there's nothing really funny about Illuminights.
RE: [HoS] Illuminightmare

Who needs a haunted house to make it scary?

Hooray, 600th post!
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