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The invitation was pretty vague. Will we be able to go through the mazes and get front of the line access or will it just be meet at a certian time to meet to do stuff. Also what type of free dinner are we getting?
I don't care what it is, I'm excited for whatever! My husband and I were invited. We were going anyway for our wedding anniversary, this is just the icing on top.
Alpenscoot said:
What is this? How do you get it and why?

They sent out invitations to people that are on Twitter and Facebook all the time as well as a bunch of people that responded to the park's question about who wanted to go.

It's like a HOS tweet up. Your supposed to post a live review of the event on Twitter or Facebook.
They said that the event will last from 4-5:30 ish and then, for the Monster Stomp reserved seating, all of us will get to go in 5 minutes before everyone is let in, and we can choose to sit where ever we please.
They sent a notification out to all of the people attending, that are facebook, telling them about the parking changes.
One girl asked how long the whole thing was going to be, and another person asked about Monster Stomp.
Oh I see now, lol. Sooo... How am I gonna be able to identify the BGWfans? XD
I will be wearing a t-shirt that says Bride on it in sprider webs. I wore it last year the day after my wedding to BGW and this is my husband and I's anniversary weekend.
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