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Jul 15, 2011
Winston Salem, NC
I am pretty sure I know the answer is no, but does s BGW based platinum membership get you entry for Howl-O-Scream at any other Sea World park? Also, do you get discounted tickets fot those events for people other than the membership holder?

Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
It's a definite no for SWO, not even FL platinum gets that. It is ambigous as to whether you get in the first weekend of HoS in FL but I have in the past with a BGW membership; been a few years though since I moved down here. Outside the opening weekend, nobody is getting in free even the FL passes. I do believe that you get in to the other non-FL parks as they aren't separately ticketed AFAIK. If you're planning on going this weekend it'd be worth trying to see if you can save 30-40 bucks, but I'm not 100%.

Has anyone tried the first weekend of HoS in Tampa recently and been denied?
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