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Jul 15, 2011
Winston Salem, NC
I am pretty sure I know the answer is no, but does s BGW based platinum membership get you entry for Howl-O-Scream at any other Sea World park? Also, do you get discounted tickets fot those events for people other than the membership holder?
It's a definite no for SWO, not even FL platinum gets that. It is ambigous as to whether you get in the first weekend of HoS in FL but I have in the past with a BGW membership; been a few years though since I moved down here. Outside the opening weekend, nobody is getting in free even the FL passes. I do believe that you get in to the other non-FL parks as they aren't separately ticketed AFAIK. If you're planning on going this weekend it'd be worth trying to see if you can save 30-40 bucks, but I'm not 100%.

Has anyone tried the first weekend of HoS in Tampa recently and been denied?
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