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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
I decided to scare my pants off on October,13,2013 At Busch Gardens Willamsburg.I have been going since I was a baby so I don't get scared(***EXCLUDE SPIDERS**)easily. The day I went was a cold rainy day and perfect weather for crowds. Of course the day I went it was actually fairly busy. I arrived around 5:00pm so we decided to meet our friends over by Deadline.After waiting 30 minutes we went went with the first group into the subway

Deadline 9/10
This house was spot on. All of the actors were doing excellent.Although I now understand what people mean by it's to dark.There was one part where I heard somebody jump out but, I didn't see them.I then look as hard as I can and see a scare actor standing right in front of me. I hope next year they give Deadline a revamp because it's starting to get stale.In my opinion they should make it darker and change it up a little and give your group a mini flashlight. Overall still good.

Thirteen 8/10
This houses every year feels like it changes just a little bit which adds to the excitment.Also this house triggers my arachnophobia every year which makes it the scareist.Put that toghether with some sheer long intense house and it could be the best.

Catacombs 10/10
Holy Crap.These guys need a award.They got in my face and went hardcore.You could tell those guy's were double teaming.I also think at one point there was a duel path, Though I couldn't tell.

Demon Street 9/10
I felt though as if I was at Halloween Horror Nights.All of the demons were even scaring children.This also was the funniest part of the night.My Mom thought the smell of the fog smelled like a spice and my Dad said he felt though as if he was at a club.

Vampire Point 7/10
I saw two scare actors. What the heck is up with this.Although it had decent theming. Vampire Point looks amazing.

Root Of All Evil 9/10
Greatly improved compared to last year.Though only sad thing was they had to get rid off the Lady of the Gardens. In the first room there was a guy who had red lights for eyes and was holding a egg and said "Don't touch the eggs!" so I replyed "Don't touch the Plants!" after that I heard a few giggles.Also the alien at the end was pretty cool.

Ports of Skull 9/10
This one was themed very well in some areas but, not in others.Also the person who made the store needs a bonus.Also when we were crossing the bridge my sister was running from a guy but, on the bridge there was 6 guys and there was 3 on each side.It was hilarious.:cool:.

Ripper Row 12/10
BEST TERROTORY EVER! There was cops chasing us,questioning us,and try to kill us. There was also many double teaming going on.I felt as if I was in London.

Overall this year I give it a 9/10.Visit Busch Gardens and have a Excellent time!:D
In regards to Catacombs, I agree. I have always thought that Catacombs is one of the parks strongest houses, as far as the scares go. The thing I like even more about catacombs, is the fact that it changes the layout every year. I would love for them to bring back Catacombs as a sequel, and add some more scare tactics. One of the only problems I've ever had with the maze, is the fact that all of the actors are wearing the same costume. That completely loses their cover, unless they're hidden behind some corner. They have a costume now that would really be awesome in that maze. The cost you makes you look like a pile of bones when you're crouched down. However, when the actor stands up, they look like a skeleton. That would be guaranteed to get some good startles out of some people. It might be the next best thing to the camouflage costumes. That maze has so much more potential, and I would love to see Busch Gardens take that potential, and run with it.
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