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Sep 23, 2009
Well, the region just got a lot more interesting during the Christmas season. Also, I seem to have picked the right season to get a Six Flags pass...

Zachary said:
Well, the region just got a lot more interesting during the Christmas season. Also, I seem to have picked the right season to get a Six Flags pass...


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What was the post? SFA is getting a worse version of Christmas Town?
Post still seems to be working here. Try this link?

Anyway, yes, Six Flag's Holiday in the Park is coming to Six Flags America.

Something for everyone in this thread to keep in mind: Competition doesn't have to be strictly better to have a serious impact. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has one of (if not) the best Christmas event(s) in the industry. If people in northern Virginia are drawn away from Christmas Town to the new event in their backyard, that's a pretty big deal for BGW and the industry dynamics in the region in general that time of year.
I think the key question is how many people from Northern Virginia and Maryland does CT draw?  One could easily argue that a similar event at SFA would be very appealing to that demographic.  

I'm not sure if people who live south of Richmond really understand how terrible the drive to BGW is for us up north.  Fighting I95 and I64 for an event that only lasts a few hours is pretty difficult to justify, especially if there is a comparable alternative closer to home.

I'm honestly curious to see if there is an affect on CT attendance.
I really hope there IS an effect on CT attendance. Walking the pathways this year proved grueling pretty much every visit. I will be looking forward to a SFA report on the new event. I can safely say I won't be trying the event out until I read a trip report. Or three.
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In general there is not much at CT that interests me.  Having said that, I have gone and would go just to hang out with my friends and family.  However the crowds past 2 years and particularly this past year have completely turned me off.  I know I am by no means representative of the norm, being somewhat agoraphobic and all, however I agree with MAZ and suspect most people would like some crowd relief.  If KD ever opens a winter holiday event I suspect that would have the biggest impact on BGW's CT, however I certainly could see some fidelity from a SFA Winter event as well.
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After visiting Christmas Town at BGT, frankly I don't think it's a huge issue at all. The scope and execution just made it feel like a complete let down. Unless SFA can pull off a great event with competing features, I don't see it hurting BGW at all. People go to CT for three major things: The scenery, the shows(and well put together productions like the santa photos), and lastly the considerably above amusement park quality food and beverages. Unless Six Flags really out does themselves here, I don't find it appealing to eat chicken fingers in the cold while watching the local cover bands play cliche Christmas songs, or even worse copyright friendly "originals", with scenery that looks like that one neighbor's house.

This event will be a success for the fledgling park. IT will continue in it's tradition of being the easy, just down the road option for amusement to the millions of people in the DC metro area. Customers for CT that were previously willing to make the trek to Williamsburg, will continue to do so in most cases(or so I foresee).
For what it is worth, I 100% do NOT go for the shows or food. I go for the lights. And trust me, if I didn't have to drive down to Williamsburg, I wouldn't.
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