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Why not just create a Thanksgiving themed food event for 3 weeks in November and include decorating for Christmas as part of the event. Keep most the rides going and then scale back to the Christmas event lineup as the weather gets colder and everything is ready to go.

A food based event is easier to setup than the big holiday events and can keep the park open during November with an event that can still draw visitors in.
I can totally see this stuff being used for a haunted house in Holiday Chills. We found all of these displays at local Christmas attractions. Tell me they wouldn’t give many people nightmares.

Your joking right? That’s the old displays from Colman’s Nursery. Growing up going there every season was a event. We didn’t have CT. That was literally the highlight of the Christmas season.
Your joking right? That’s the old displays from Colman’s Nursery. Growing up going there every season was a event. We didn’t have CT. That was literally the highlight of the Christmas season.

Also, setting is everything.

Think about The Shining. Individually many of the elements featured in its most iconic scenes aren't at all frightening, but when you place them all within the context of the film, they take on a totally different connotation.

Place some of the theming elements of an old roadside Christmas attraction within the context of the traditional "condemned theme park" archetype and there's really something good there.

so clearly this is somewhat polarizing. @Nicole my biggest gripe with this is that this would require bgw acknowledging that HH could be creepy. seems counter productive to me.

This doesn't really seems problematic to me. Basically anyone who wouldn't be intrigued or amused by the theme wouldn't see it used for Howl-O-Scream anyway. The audiences for the two events are very different.
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I’m not saying it wouldn’t work, in-fact I think it would be awesome. I also think in order to be great there would need to be totally separate pieces for each event negating the idea of better turnaround. The general theme park guest seeing the same stuff at both events would bitch.
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There would definitely need to be some obvious set dressing alterations paired with the major atmospheric changes to sell the different themes for each event. For example, the Countdown To Christmas area would probably need to be made distinctly spooky and some old, broken Christmas Town props could be aged and scattered about to better sell the HOS overlay. That said, things like the flat ride overlays, lights on the buildings, decorations on the trees, the retro advertisement billboards... A lot of that stuff can successfully act as background theming across both events pretty easily.
Black Friday shoppers murdering each other over the toy of the year would be great to. Heck maybe BGW could even get product placement dollars from someone for that. Or bn I am sure that they probably could find a tickle me Elmo that they could tied in and sell in park.
I love this @Nicole great idea
My hubby's dad was telling me since he grew up in Italy that they use to celebrate La Befana who was suppose to be a Christmas witch. So be nice to add that into Festa then with your ideas than it could go into both HOS & CT
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Bring in the Icelandic Yule Lads. They can stick around for Christmas Town. View attachment 13772
I think @belsaas's idea of having the Icelandic Yule Lads at HOS would work great in a haunted house for Holiday Chills! Just imagine walking in a dark room with minimal Christmas decorations, and all of a sudden Gryla jumps out at you from behind a statue of one of the other Yule Lads. That face alone would be sure to give anyone a fright!
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I have been thinking a lot about the perennial problem that both BGW and KD confront each year: how to take down their Halloween events and set up their holiday events in time. Especially with both parks reducing the time they have, it seems like an issue that isn’t going to fix itself.

This year, as we were wandering through Festa at HOS, and commenting on how little carnival theming there really was and how tiny the scare zone had become, an idea came to me: what if BGW could use the extensive CT decorations for HOS, as well? I thought this would have two benefits: it would reduce changeover time between HOS and CT, and it would provide the park with a complete Festa overlay for Halloween.

Before I go any further, let me apologize in advance, as I am sure I am going to offend some people with the premise of this concept. Hopefully, we can all agree to disagree and just focus on the mechanism, if not the target.

So. I have always felt that Holiday Hills was fairly creepy and not a little trashy. When the bulbs start burning out, this impression is just magnified. I find the huge Santa billboards and masks disturbing and the music to be in questionable taste. The now gone retro advertisements were kinda terrifying, as well.

I think that with very little effort, all of the Holiday Hills decorations could be tweaked to become a great HOS hamlet, themed to creepy Christmas.I am tentatively calling it Holiday Chills.

The park would need to bring back all of the incandescent-based props and make some of the bulbs blink and leave others burned out. The Santa’s could be tweaked to be even more sinister. Darker holiday tunes could be played. I think they could create a variety of mazes that would fit the theme, like a condemned Christmas shop or a creepy toy factory.

Obviously, the Rudolf stuff would be need to be added between the events, but that would take much less work than changing over the entire hamlet.

Finding ways to use the same decor for both events might start to solve their timeline constraints.

I guess 2020 did solve this problem for us, after all. No need to worry about changeover time.

Not sure they could do anything with this scene from the ending but overall love the idea.
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