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I didn't know where to put this and I don't have access to the subsection of the forum *cough* .. so sorry if this is in the wrong place. ;)

Okay, so we have quite a few people online and some threads going back and forth like crazy. So Chris, what do you think of a chat room-type addition for the forum? Sure it cuts down the forum usage slightly, but might inspire otherwise more forward-centric conversations in real-time amongst each other.

I'm sure it was thought about before, but any way to persuade for a rethinking of the idea at all? :)

[Moved. ~Swiftman]
I used to have a javascript powered toolbar at the bottom of the forums that had a chat room, but it caused issues with creating posts on mobile devices, so I got rid of it. I'll look into adding a chat room though. Good idea.
Ahh, good ol' Javascripting. No worries at all - just figured when things get heated or when bigger things happen, instead of a round-robin-whirlwind of posts back to back to back instantly, it's sometimes easier to go real-time and post when things are slower. IE - when the HoS website is updated, when the official announcement for Rhinefeld hits and the other thing event early next year. :angel:

Ninja Swift's workload is too high with me around here. All he does is move threads for me. :(
Why? Because LoveDoc is an evil person. ;)

Don't worry about it Doc, it gives me something to do.
I'm actually beyond evil - but oh man, that totally shouldn't have been said! I mean, you can tell I was really tired when I typed that and just wasn't thinking clearly. "other thing event"? Wow - that's some pretty horrible English right there.

Oh well, let's just pretend it never happened, shall we? :cool:
yea, chat would be cool, the only problem i can think of is (im also a member of they have a chat and people go back and forth in the forum instead of using the chat, but with the "swift" moderating 'round here, that shouldnt be a problem!
Not open for further replies.
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