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Feb 9, 2018
hi guys! it has been a few months since i completed this project but i figured now would be as good of a time as any to show you all the work i put into this for over 3 months during the fall/winter months.

as part of my senior english class, we have to do a project called SIRS (Senior Independent Research Study) which is meant to be a culmination of all we've learned over the past four years applied to real life. some of you may remember that back in September and October i posted on the forum asking for help about the history about the park and resources that would be appropriate to use. well, unfortunately, i wasn't able to complete my original plan of documenting the entire history of the park. there just wasn't enough information out there i was willing to go digging for to use. instead, i narrowed my scope and wrote my paper about (in my opinion) the thrill rides that have been at the park and their effect on the park. this is mainly the coasters, but i also included wild maus and CoDK.

i want to thank @BGW Family , @Zachary , @oldtimer , and @CastleOSullivan for all contributing various help to this. Zachary was an amazing mentor to me and did a lot to help me and work with my schedule. BGW Family provided me with an amazing database of pictures which i used for the presentation component of this project. Oldtimer and CastleOSullivan both provided me with rich stories about the park's rides, particularly CoDK, InvadR, and Griffon. I'd also like to thank @Nicole , @Gavin , @Thomas , @Luke , @Applesauce , and others who were so kind to me while I took their time away from Zachary so he could read my long ass rough drafts and discuss my progress with me.

here is the link to the paper. i made it so you all are allowed to comment on it, because i'd really like to know your thoughts and if there are things that should be added or changed. i'm planning on adding to it when possible, so most likely when we finally have MMXX revealed to the public. just a fair warning--the paper is 26 pages long (not including the bibliography) and I really dont expect many of you to even look at it. but, i'm pretty proud of what I have so far and feel like it'd be a nice reading for those who are interested in learning some facts about the park!
Aug 9, 2018
Honestly, if you haven't already, you should try to promote this with the park as well. Could really get a far reach. Very professional.
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Oct 18, 2012
I really enjoyed your paper and learned a lot about the park. An additional bonus is that you quoted my father. He's 86 now and will be glad to hear that things he wrote were still being referenced today.
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