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May 6, 2014
Hampton, VA USA
Anyone know when BGW began selling season passes?  What were the first passes like?

My first year with a season pass was 1993 and the cost was $69.95.  Those early passes took more time to make and were actual photo IDs. I was surprised to find I still have my first pass.  It looked something like this:


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    1993 BGW Season Pass GeoUSA.jpg
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I remember having one with my picture on it around that same time, but I can't recall the exact year.
I am fairly certain I got my first season pass in or around 2002. I bought my sister one about the same time, it had a photo on it that faded fairly quickly.
The first Old Country pass that my family got was a Christmas present my Mom bought at Sears the Christmas before the park opened.  The pass was a family pass and it only cost $50 for the entire family.  You could list upto 8 people on the pass.  The pass only had the persons name and age, no pictures.  My Mom listed my Mom and Dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, brother, myself and my best friend Tommy.  I had alot of friends named "Tommy"  age 12 come with us that year to the park.  My Mom gave me the pass on Christmas day along with a booklet about the new park coming.  I wish I could find that booklet.  My Dad thought that she was crazy for buying a pass to a park that my Mom had never been to yet.  My Mom loved roller coasters and thought that it looked fun and close to home.  It was one of best Christmas presents that I ever got.
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