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The park has a sign up in front of Scotland announcing the arrival of 5 new Blackfaced Sheep named Lia, Coara, Bryce, Lily, and Rhosyn.
You know, for all the changes the past few years that many would consider negative, I'd like to say that the changes to the Highland Stables are a definite bright spot. The addition of the sheep, collies, barn owl, etc. have really created a nice well themed animal habitat in that area that wasn't really there before.
I'd agree. My girlfriend loves all the new animals. It also really brought the area to life. I see a lot more people standing along the fences talking to the trainers than in the past.
I actually liked the area quite well before, but I also like the "Highland Stables" incarnation. It makes for a relaxing, quiet area. Love the Border Collies!
So I took the tour Saturday and found out a few facts.

1) The Clydesdale there now are better representation of real horses you would find out on a real farm. The AB Clydesdale were the equivalent of the airbrushed supermodels.
2) When they were deciding what to do with the area once Busch left, an idea that was briefly suggested was to bring in Flamingos since the company (SWP&E) had so many. This was eliminated almost instantly.
3) Under AB, the park would get different sets of horses each year. The fact that the park keeps the sames horses is great since that means that both the staff and horses get used to each other.
4) One of their nicknames is Fabio due to their long flowing mane in the wind, not because of anything related to geese.
In regards with the hearding, they said on the tour that the dogs are not fully trained yet. In addition, it's dependent on staffing.
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