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Apr 12, 2012
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Are there any places in the park where its very quiet and you can just relax? For me its feastaus kafee because you can actually sit and have a nice meal without 6 year olds throwing food at you
Sep 5, 2010
I asked this same question last summer. I also like finding places that seem like they're off the beaten path (as much as that's possible in a place where all the paths are laid out specifically for foot traffic).

This doesn't help you any, but one time, at Disney World, my wife and I went into one of the buildings off of main street, and found this exhibit/presentation set up and there was NOONE there. Literally no other people. There were probably 50 chairs set up and all kinds of little displays and there were movies playing on the screen...but no people. This was during peak season, as well. It was a very strange experience. And awesome.

I'd love to find something like that at Busch, a hidden part of the park -- a little restaurant or stage area or exhibit -- that no one knows is there.
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