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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
Two nights of HHN down, time for my thoughts.

Mazes ranked from worst to first
Blumhouse of Horrors (2.5/5) - Better than last year's but that's not really saying much. Time to replace this maze with something else.
Dead Exposure - Patient Zero (2.5/5) - Its kinda hard to see anything when there's constant strobes going off in your face, not to mention the sets don't look as elaborate as the other originals.
Halloween 4 (2.5/5) - I'm kinda desensitized to seeing Michael Myers come to HHN. Time to give another horror icon a chance to shine.
Seeds of Extinction (3.5/5) - I love the set pieces in this maze but the costumes leave a lot to be desired. The look a tad cheap. Love the water effects.
Trick r' Treat (4.5/5) - This maze is adorable. Nuff said
Stranger Things (4.5/5) - I love the set pieces here, but there's a lack of actors and the scares are a bit on the weaker side. Also not a lot of Eleven to be seen here.
Poltergeist (4.5/5) - First half is all about the fantastic set pieces. The second half is all about the animatronics. I wish we got Hollywood's facade but it flows better this way I guess.
Slaughter Sinema (5/5) - As a fan of classic bad 70s cult horror, this maze is excellent. This is how an anthology maze should be done.
Carnival Graveyard (5/5) - If you love gimmicky HHN mazes, this one is for you. Not as many actors but the set pieces and gimmicks completely make up for that.
Scary Tales (5/5) - Not really as intense as Carnival but I feel this balances out gimmicks and actors perfectly.

Scare zones
The Harvest - I was hoping this would be the main photo op scare zone. Still not the worst I've seen. Just wish the costumes were a bit better than walking haystacks
Chucky - Didn't really find this to be scary but Chucky puts on a hilarious show.
Vamp 85 - When are people gonna realize vampires aren't scary. I dig the music and the show but I wish the park went with something different
Killer Klowns from Outer Space - The scare zone is too small to be effective. Stick it somewhere where the actors don't have to breathe down each other's necks.
Twisted Traditions - I feel Uni's best scare zones will be placed here from now on

Some observations
- Lots of John Carpenter music playing all over the park. Now please ditch Halloween and give him an anthology maze
- Glad to see the park putting more emphasis on original concepts. Those are always among the best mazes they tend to do
- Crowds were fantastic Wednesday. Saturday was manageable but still packed. If you only have a night, go on a weeknight.
- Ride lines are perfect at the height of the event. Walk ons for everything including Gringotts
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