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How did they screw up the POV that badly? The framerate seems to change dramatically throughout the video making the pacing all wrong. Trees in frame? You can see that 2012 era MacBook that this video must have been rendered on really chuggin'. Mainly looking at the sky? Zoomin' right along no problem. Comically bad.
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"Hey sport, after you study for your Spanish quiz why don't you spin up the half-dead laptop we left on the basement floor when the house flooded that time, and make me a quick No Limits POV of the new ride so I can bring it to work tomorrow. Thirty bucks for your trouble."

"Sure thing Dad. Can the rails be any color other than red?"


Kidding aside, I do really dig the layout. And the janky sim POV won't matter at all once there are real-world POVs available. (Unless one considers it a reflection of a disappointing ehhh-good-enough approach to marketing at Hershey, etc., etc.)

Additionally, I am thankful that somebody at RMC took the smart note to cool it a bit with outward banked novelties and full-on bucking bronco moments, if rider comfort on their trains can't be improved through those maneuvers. I may be editorializing a bit. Maybe the park requested those elements not make major appearances. Skyrush already checks that bronco box anyway.

Snark aside, really looking forward to this ride now.
It looks like it should be less painful than Twisted Timbers. If that was because Hershey required that, then bravo Hershey. This looks fun.
After riding 2 RMC conversions plus jersey devil, anything with less pain should be welcomed.
Has anyone heard anything new about a potential target opening date? My best informed guess is they hope to get it open by Memorial Day.
I don't see how this opens by Memorial Day if they're just topping off the structure of the lift hill now.

The plan I was told was July 4th but Hershey has a habit of calling audibles and doing other... questionable things with their rides.

Like making unnecessary staffing demand giving a ride like this an unloading station when they can barely staff most of their existing rides.
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