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Jul 10, 2011
Hearing it is really bad...has anyone seen any pictures?

Also, hearing it is REALLY effecting the animals in the zoo...especially the bison.
RE: Hershey Park Flooding (September 2011)

This is really sad. I wonder how much this will affect SkyRush and ZooAmerica.

I feel they could've prepared for this better and spared the lives of those two dead bison, tho.
RE: Hershey Park Flooding (September 2011)

I don't know of it's worthy of its own thread, since it's related, but Knoebels was also hit really hard by flooding as well. They released a lot of pictures of the damage, and as somebody who really loves this park, its pretty depressing:
RE: Hershey Park Flooding (September 2011)

Flooding has hit HP once again!

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RE: Hershey Park Flooding (September 2011)

I wonder how Knoebels is fairing, both have rivers running through their property.
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