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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
My family and I were planning a trip to BG for HOS later this month. Unfortunately, we've had to cancel our plans because we couldn't find a good deal with ticket prices and hotel prices. Does anyone know of any good deals that might make this trip happen? We were looking forward to it (me especially) and I'm really disappointed that we can't go now. There are four of us going, but with gas (from Raleigh NC), the hotel, tickets, food, quick queue passes, and other expenses it's just too much. Last year we got a really good deal with a hotel room that included tickets in the price.
I don't know of any ticket/hotel combos, but I recently started using to get hotels and it's really great. I stayed at a Westin for $60 (in a room that was normally $145) and I stayed at a Hilton for $45 (in a room that was normally $139).

I found some of the tips on this website to be helpful.

Good luck!
Fast food chain coupons are going to be your best bet as far as tickets go. When you look for hotels check Newport News as well as Williamsburg.
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