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Sep 26, 2011
In previous years, I have had no problem finding the pdf document with the height requirements for each ride. I can't find such a file on the new website. Can anyone help? Maybe I am just overlooking it...

I know that you can look at each individual ride, but I really want a list I can print out.

I looked for it recently too and do not believe it is there anymore. They do have the height requirement listed for each specific ride though. For a shortcut, click on "site map" at the bottom of their home page and scroll down to the ride listings.
I knew I could count on you!! :)

Thanks for the help, and it's good to know that I'm not the only who couldn't find it. I don't mind the look of the new website, but I was hoping that some of the information would be... well, more informative. I've been a little disappointed on that front. Oh well... maybe it will grow on me.

Thanks again!!
Liking the info!

FYI... Le Scoot, Le Catapult, and The Battering Ram allow (non-infant/walking) riders off all heights if they have a 'supervising companion'.
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