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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
The area around Busch Gardens Tampa today received somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of rain in just three hours this morning, with additional rain falling throughout the day. The park originally delayed opening until 2 p.m., and later announced the park would not open at all for the day. Additionally, the 8th Grade Grad Nite event scheduled for after regular park hours was also cancelled.

Local news reports throughout the day were showing very severe street flooding around the park, and forum member Pretzel Kaiser found this photo posted to Reddit by user 'Slapocalypse':



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From what I understand, there is drainage in the pit, but the amount of rain was simply too much too fast. So in theory, it should naturally drain as the water levels go down. Most of the street flooding was gone within an hour of the heaviest rain ending around noon.

Will have to wait and see reports from the park tomorrow.
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Joe said:
Holy moly, that's insane!

Insane is putting it lightly.

My cousin works near USF (for those that don't know, USF and BGT are neighbors) and his boss told him to not even bother coming into work yesterday. The parking lot for their office was under almost two feet of water.
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