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Sep 23, 2009
Heart of the Country seems to be a gospel music show located at the Canadian Palladium. Anyone got anything else?

Wiki article coming soon.
Heart of the Country was not gospel music. It was more mainstream country music with no clogging and square dancing like the morning show. This night time country show had 6 singers and a small 5 person live band. Some dancing, but mostly songs. Every singer had a solo and then some group numbers.
Thanks for the information Glissade! Seeing that you've been a pass holder since opening year, I can't imagine how much information you have stored up there. I am, truly, jealous.

Do you think it's fair to call Heart of the Country and High Steppin' Country different shows or would you say they're different versions of the same show? Just trying to think of how I should handle them on the Wiki.

Anyway, thanks a ton for sharing!
Two completely different shows. High Steppin Country had six cloggers/square dancers who did not sing, only danced. The band members sang the songs in this show. Heart of Country had a band that played and sang a little, but had six singers on the stage that did not dance. Heart of Country had a western/cowboy/saloon theme and High Steppin was about clogging.
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