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Sep 23, 2009
Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
"Haunts of the Olde Country," a ghostly adventure in three dimensions hits the silver screen at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Theater goers experience raindrops, cold air, fog and flashes of light as part of this mesmerizing film tour through ancient castles.

Other than what's above and the fact that it was a 4D show in the Globe Theater, I know next to nothing about Haunts of the Olde Country but hey, I found a fancy picture! :p



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RE: Haunts of the Olde Country (2001 or Earlier to ?)

That sounds like a great name for a Haunted House! I would love to see something along that story placed in England. THe front of the park doesn't have any haunts, the closest one is Deadline or 13 (not including the "scare zone" in Scotland)
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RE: Haunts of the Olde Country (2001 or Earlier to ?)

Haunts of the Old Country opened in 1993 until 1998.

I found this:
'A fun-filled tour of some of Great Britain’s most chilling myths and legends, brought to life through unique 3D special effects that are truly memorable. Shot on location in some of Britain’s most famous haunted castles, including The Tower of London and Glamis Castle in Scotland.'

And also this:
'From 1993 till 1998 Busch Gardens showed a 3D movie called "Haunts of the Olde Country", which took the audience on a tour to various haunted mansions and castles in Great Britain.
The spooky score for the production was written by composer William Ross, who also adapted the musical themes of John Williams for the second Harry Potter movie.
On Mr. Ross´ website you can listen to some samples from the fun orchestral score for "Haunts of the Olde Country". (Click "Browse by Genre" and don´t choose a genre, all available music tracks will appear on the right, sorted by movies.) The website also features a HUGE amount of music from other films Mr. Ross has worked on, for example the scores for the motion-ride-films Dino Island I + II.'

Website in case you want to hear the music:

And also this:
In 1993, Keith Melton directed Haunts of the Olde Country through Iwerks Entertainment as an Anheuser-Busch theme park Attraction. "Anheuser-Busch had a theater with a small stage at the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia," recounted Melton. "Iwerks convinced Busch that it would be great to retrofit this old stage into a 4D attraction.

"So we developed a concept for Haunts of the Old Country which is a very lighthearted family-oriented film about a young boy who runs into ghosts and ghouls in this old castle that he's touring with his mom. He gets a witch mad at him. She casts a spell and through out the film he is slowly changing into a dog. With the help of a ghost, he has to find ingredients to counter the spell before he is forever changed into a dog."

The dual camera 5/70mm 3-D film was shot in England at the Tower of London and at castles in Scotland and Wales with a Hines rig. Peter Anderson was the 3-D director of photography. This was the first 3-D film he was to collaborate on with Melton. "Within our miniscule budget we really tried to work out key offscreen moments," said Melton. "These 'gotcha' audience moments were integrated into the 17-minute story. I think that we did pretty effectively and we got some good CG [computer generation] in there along with surround sound." The Paris-based Ex Machina company supplied the digital effects.

Lighthearted and family oriented my butt. As a 10 year old, this thing was scary. When it first came out, at the end of the movie there is a party scene, complete with confetti that fell from the sky, after the boy (SPOLIER) breaks the spell and is no longer a dog. Your guard is down and you're pulled into the people celebrating on the screen when out on the balcony to the left or right (you never knew, it was random) of the screen appears a live actor dressed exactly as the witch in the movie. I believe that everyone in the theater then had to say something or do something at the same time at the direction of the actors on the screen. There was a very loud boom along with a puff of smoke, and the witch disappeared. Scary y'all.

One More:
State-of-the-Art "4-D" Film Experience to Debut in 1993
WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- "Haunts of the Olde Country," a state-of-the-art "4-D" film experience, will debut at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in the spring of 1993.
"Haunts of the Olde Country" will feature the latest in three- dimensional film technology and a fourth "dimension" -- theatergoers will actually feel mist, fog and cold air as part of the movie experience. "Haunts" will be shown daily in the European-themed park's Globe Theatre.
"The three-dimensional film and the unique sensory elements in the theater will combine to make viewers feel like they're actually part of the story," said Keith Kasen, executive vice president and general manager of Busch Gardens.
Created and produced by Iwerks Entertainment of Burbank, Calif., a leading designer and developer of big-screen movie technology and films, the high-tech, dual projection theater and 70mm film will provide visitors with an unrivaled entertainment experience.
The film tells the modern-day story of a young American boy named Anthony who unexpectedly stumbles across a friendly ghost, or haunt, while on a tour of a historic Scottish castle.
The two set off to visit some of the most famous castles and ghosts in the British Isles. But along the way, they incur the wrath of a haggardly witch who viciously casts a spell on the poor boy. Anthony and the haunt then embark on a wild race against time to solve the spell-breaking riddle that can save Anthony before it's too late.
Exterior scenes for "Haunts" are being filmed on location at historic castles in Great Britain, including the Tower of London (where Queen Anne Boleyn lost her head), Glamis Castle in Scotland and the ancient Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England, where interior scenes will be shot as well.
"The combination of Iwerks' powerful 3-D technology and the entertaining storyline of 'Haunts' will provide guests with a uniquely entertaining movie experience," said Stan Kinsey, CEO and co-founder of Iwerks. "We are pleased to have developed this special attraction and film for a high-quality family entertainment theme park like Busch Gardens."
As an added bonus this year, Busch Gardens is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends only in November, including the Friday after Thanksgiving. The 360-acre family entertainment theme park features thrilling rides, entertainment, shopping and restaurants in nine European-themed hamlets and is located three miles east of historic Williamsburg.
Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, a water play park also located in Williamsburg, are both a one-hour drive from Norfolk or Richmond and two and one half hours from Washington, D.C.
Busch Gardens and Water Country USA are Anheuser-Busch theme parks. Other Anheuser-Busch parks include Busch Gardens Tampa, an African- themed park, and Adventure Island, a water play park, both located in Tampa, Fla.; Sea World in Orlando, Fla., San Diego, Calif., San Antonio, Texas, and Aurora, Ohio; Cypress Gardens near Winter Haven, Fla.; and Sesame Place, a children's play park in Langhorne, Pa. The Anheuser- Busch theme parks employ more than 15,000 people nationwide.

Zachary, you are welcome. I kind of see this board as a way of sharing and collecting as much information as possible so that anyone who stumbles upon our community won't have to go anywhere else for anything BGW related. It will all be right here. If my Googling skills can help the cause in any way, I am happy to do it.

Shane, I'm glad I'm not alone. I wish I could remember more about it personally. I believe that near the end of it's run, they stopped with the live actor.

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Here's the full official Haunts of the Olde Country video in all of its ultra low quality glory. Enjoy!

As always, if anyone sees this who wants it removed, contact me. I'm more than happy to comply- just please understand that we're not making a cent off of the publication of this video- it is being done purely for archival purposes.
That damn witch.

Ugh, that song that plays in the background at the beginning and at other times throughout STILL freaks me out.

During the party when the actors are facing the screen and you can hear the witch speaking off camera, that's when she would physically show up in the theater. I swear I remember having to do something as an audience member to make her go away, but I guess I was wrong. You can tell when the 3D images were that they really wanted to pop out at your easily if you watch the movie. I believe you got wet when the punch was thrown,and your seat vibrated when the chandlier fell. I also want to say they would pump light mist in during outside castle shots.
That wasn't too bad or dated. I mean a few things that kid said were just old, but I could see it something that could have still been playing today.
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