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I was there opening weekend?? maybe a few weeks later is when they held it. But, R.L Stein was there doing book signings. BG was also giving out free books, and selling The Haunted Lighthouse books. I still have the books, they're a bit worn because I've read them several times. But, I still have both books. I think I have an extra copy of The Haunting Hour. (Which is the book they gave away.)
Zachary said:
Give me a week or so. :p

It's funny because you thought I was joking. ;)

I have to say, watching that video for the first time yesterday brought back a flood of memories I didn't even know I had. Leaks of things currently happening at the park are nice and all, but I'd take some nice, solid historical leaks like this over them any day.

As always, if anyone sees this and wants it removed, let me know.
Oh mystical and powerful source I do not know thee but I thank thyne for providing us such a treasured memory from the past, and thus I shall thank the almighty amazing Zachary as he has done a fantastic job getting us this video from an amazing source!

I shall now watch with tears in thy eyes and a grin on me face :) <3
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Just finished watching and I must say, I always thought that was the best show in the Globe, Sesame a close second, with Pirates third. Of course those are my opinions.
I never realized that Mike (the little boy) was reading The Haunting Hour by R.L Stine at the beginning of the video. That makes the book signing make a lot more sense. lol
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Thank you so much for the video. I had totally forgotten that Sara Paxton was the girl in this show.
Loved her in Aquamarine. (yes I'm a dork :p )

So many memories came back watching that. :D
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