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Has anyone ever seen this? is it bad? I've never heard a word about it. (I can only guess why nobody talks about it)
I have not seen the movie this year. I hope to catch it once before the season ends.

I believe this is the 3rd season that the park has shown Haunted House 3D. (Whatever year the park took out the motion seats in both theaters. Before this movie, it was the Elvira scare-park motion simulator movie).

I thought this movie was above average in quality and some of the 3D effects were good. Not recommended for very small kids, say 6 and under, as some scenes and loud sound effects might frighten them.

Basic storyline: a stormy night is occurring and a cat gets into an old abandoned house to get out of the rain. The rest of the movie is about the cat's experience with the supernatural as it goes through the house. Haunted House 3D is unique in that you see everything from the cats point of view. The movie concludes with a little plot twist at the end.

I think it is an OK movie and can be experienced when you need a break and want to sit down for a little. The movie is about 10-15 minutes in length and, depending on how long the crowds take getting in and out of the theater, is shown at least 3 times an hour.
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I really enjoyed this movie when I first saw it last year. Sadly, it was playing when I visited the park on Saturday. Now they are playing the "prequel" (according to a park employee), called House of Magic. It wasn't bad but it certainly did not measure of to the original. Also, the new movie abruptly ends just as a plot begins to take shape. Disappointing.
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