Haunt Voted 2nd Best Theme Park Halloween Event

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Apr 29, 2011
MAZ said:
I was under the impression that HHN was the best Halloween event.
It seems like they were rating the regional parks as the article says "Head to the nearest amusement park!" in which the headline should've stated that.
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Aug 27, 2010
MAZ said:
I was under the impression that HHN was the best Halloween event.

It's really not that good... I just got back and am more excited to return to KD's haunt next week. Awesome mazes at HHN though, just Zero Atmosphere in the park. I feel KD nails Atmosphere in the streets and detail and scares in the maze just right for a theme park haunt. It could be better though, yes. It's been years since I've been to SFMM's Fright Fest, but I agree it's a damn good haunt.

How BGW is on the list doing things like lumberhack and cornered compared to things like this:


Makes me wonder how HHN isn't on the list... I'd definitely put it on the list... Just wouldn't be number one...
Jul 31, 2016
Southern Va
I enjoy Kings Dominions Haunt quite a-lot. It's currently my favorite halloween event i've been to located at an amusement/theme park. I don't feel on my toes at HHN like I do at Kings Dominion, and i'd even say I also prefer the halloween events at Kennywood (blows me away) and Busch Gardens Tampa. I like the houses at HHN, but as already mentioned, their really isn't anything going for the event outside of the houses. Kings Dominion has seemed to use this award to their advantage, i've seen a multitude of ads surrounding their 'award winning' event. Hopefully, if people take the initiative to go, we could see even more drastic improvements to the already fantastic event Kings Dominion has put together for us.

Off topic: I was pulled over by a Kings Dominion rep as I was walking through Feary Tales asking me a few questions on how they could improve the event, what I thought made Haunt a must visit, and my favorite 3 houses at Haunt. I also saw Chad walking around first hand with a clipboard, after introducing myself he said he was doing a nightly performance check to gather the most accurate information he could which would help regarding Haunt 2k18. I love seeing management taking the time to actually see how their event is performing, unlike some establishments who just sit back behind closed doors assuming that everybody is having the greatest time or their life... +1 for KD
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