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I haven't been in about five years (I'm giving other haunts this year some time because I'm really disappointed by HoS) so I couldn't tell you.

I will say that I liked the scripted events in the hayride, but it was super hard to hear what was going on sometimes, which is important given the theme.
I went in 2003 and 2005( I was 6 and 8 at the time, WAY too young haha)and when I went back in 2011 I noticed a steep drop in quality, the field used to be awesome, people used to legit CHASE you out of the maze, which was terrifying.
thoughts on Hunt Club

Village: giving it the edge tonight, they did reverse the layout this year and it was different than years past. actors were on top tonight as their was a huge turnout: 8/10

Field: once again the theme was nonexistant, however, the actors in this one were also awesome, maybeI am a little biased as I knew a few people in here but they did good for the little to work with: 6/10

Hayride: I didn't like the theme this year, they attempted to put all the sins into one part at the end for the most part, however the barn area was awesome as always, and the actors did their job: 7/10

I might head back Halloween night as their open
The sad (but understandable) thing about it is that it's only open Thursday-Sunday for two weeks. This week it's today and tomorrow and there's next week.
I think I'm going to try it out on Thursday, I have work Friday and Saturday :-/ Hopefully it would be less crowded on a Thursday
Im not fond of KD's haunt but thats just me.
evil stare

Just kidding haha... How come? I'm just curious!

I look for ideas that are different from others.There event is great but it discouages me to go because of there generic ideas,things that HOS have to me are something outside of the box and its kinda what im looking for
or is it just me that finds them very generic?
Generic themes can be done very well and make them good. I think KD handles that a lot more than BGW. BGW doesn't even seem to try anymore. I'd say Lumberhack was their last really "creative" house, and most of that came from the fact that they use existing woods.

But everything else?? Pretty darn generic and not well done at all. Sure certain houses look better than others (Circo and Dystopia) but the acting has to be in it as well. And BgW doesn't do that well at all.
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I'm not sure what "generic" means in this context.

Are you saying the concepts are commonly-used? Is the term “generic” referring to the types of scares? The implementation of scare zones? Are the props, themselves, being referenced? Is it something else altogether?

There are several standard "scary" themes, like vampires, werewolves, zombies, clowns, etc. Even Uni uses them (within the context of their horror movie IPs). Both parks also seem to seek out creative ways to scare people like blackout, phobia, and other story-based houses. Regardless, how would any park have a large haunt without relying on well-known monsters?

In terms of types of scares, I think KD actually has greater range and the actors seems to be better trained. BGW generally relies on startles, while KD has long incorporated a more interactive approach.

I think a debate could be had about the paths. I'm not sure I've ever seen them work effectively anywhere. What I do believe is that generally BGW's terror-tories (inasmuch as they even still exist) are less frightening that traditional scare zones. They are probably more creative, however.

In terms of the decoration and structure of the houses, recently I don't think either park lacks creativity. An argument could be made, in fact, that KD is doing much more sophisticated houses at this point.

Maybe I am completely misunderstanding the notion of "generic?"
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I did not know that this thread existed until just now, so below I am copying and pasting a post I made in the Howl-O-Scream 2019 post that heavily compares KD and BGW’s events. It has some Christmas comparisons, too, but I still feel the post belongs here. Tell me what you think!

The Quist said:
I think BGW is just missing the mark every year, some way more than others. Maybe its a budget thing or maybe they need someone who truly understands what HOS fans want. I can't imagine this forum goes unnoticed.
I agree. I wasn’t able to make it out to HOS in 2018, but I went in 2017 and it was mediocre at best. I don’t judge an event based on scare count because I don’t get “scared” too easily, but I pay attention more to the immersive-ness of the sets and the acting quality of the monsters. Both did not even compare to KD’s Haunt. I might be a little biased to KD as I call myself a “KD Special Event Expert,” but even when I remove that bias and look at it from unbiased point of view, KD still “wins” in my book. BGW needs to train its monsters a lot better before they can do anything else. Next would be investing more money into the sets. The park seems to make a ton of money throughout the year, and it seems to be a complete mystery as to how much goes to Haunt.

I hope that BGW will try to invest more money into their holiday events this season, especially because KD completely blew ChristmasTown out of the water last year with WinterFest (only debuting a lackluster train attraction against an entire new event with a ton of things BGW doesn’t have? Who ever thought that would work?). It might seem odd for me to want to see BGW succeed, but I don’t see it that way. If BGW improves their events substantially, it will inspire KD to do even better and both events end up being more successful! I anticipate that BGW will try to take a lot of WinterFest elements and put them into CT.

The Quist said:
I have yet to see a truly scary show at a theme park.
Same here. It’s why I usually skip the shows during KD’s Haunt. I will give BGW a win when it comes to their Halloween shows. I’ll even give them a win with their Christmas shows, but KD’s WinterFest had a few shows that competed with BGW’s lineup pretty well (A Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular and Tinker’s Toy Factory immediately come to mind!.

Anyway, I don’t really think theme-park Halloween shows necessarily NEED to be scary. If a theme park does it right, most of the scariness should be in the scare zones and mazes. I’ll be okay if the shows tend to just be more family-oriented in a way, just as long as that family feel doesn’t seep into my Louisiana swamps or my prison yards (curse you, KD No-Boo Necklaces!).
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