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This would be a turn in the right direction, but I fear that management still hasn't exhibited the discernment to put someone in the position who can put the park back on the track it was once on. Still, there's hope.
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I concur, Franco. My fear is that there's a whole lineup of equally destructive Gaspariches waiting to take his spot.
I have multiple sources from various departments telling me the same thing. "Scott Gasparich was let go, Christmas Town being his last season working for the park." Then again, this is all speculation...but if it is true, remember that I am the one who got the insider scoop! If not... well we will let this blunder go along with my corckscrew hill insider scoop...a fluke.

But hey, if he is fired/let go, where the hell are we gonna get the glitter to throw in the air in celebration?

Edit:Also, just noticed that the first post was my 333rd post. Make a wish!
Just something to think about...

I'm not a Scott fan. However, I don't wish anyone to be fired, terminated, layed off, or otherwise liquidated from maintaining their livelihood. I've been fired before (I know, shocker) and it doesn't feel good. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. I wouldn't wish being fired on anyone, no matter how well deserved. So if Scott were to ever be let go, think about how you would feel to be in his shoes with total strangers cheering on the sidelines.

Just a thought.
^ This isn't some struggling single mother we're talking about here; he's a highly-compensated senior executive with, in my opinion, a history of incompetent management and poor judgment, not to mention a reputation for firing many talented performers, musicians and other employees on the slightest whim. Forgive me if I don't share your charitable feelings.
Can't say I totally agree, Reggae. BGW is a business. Scott is one of their most public figures, and at least among us, one of the park's most disliked. Think about all the people Scott has fired, many without justification. I'll bet that didn't feel good either. For as long as Scott continues to serve with the park, he will probably continue to unjustly fire people. In my opinion, the man does not belong in the position he currently holds, and should not continue to hold the influence over the park that he has currently. If he were fired, I certainly wouldn't bat an eye on his behalf. I wouldn't be sure of how much better things would be without him, but I personally would be fine with seeing someone so unfit for the job getting the boot.

It's business, after all.

Edit: Jonquil beat me to it.
He's never done anything to me to impact my life. He works in the Entertainment department at a theme park... I sometimes go to. I'm sorry if A. I don't take his glitter addiction personally or B. I have empathy for people losing their jobs. From my perspective, if you have not directly felt his wrath and you still feel this unyielding hatred, then you probably should take a hard look in the mirror and re-evaluate your priorities in life.

It's only a theme park.

Sure, yeah, if he fired me/made my life miserable/etc I'd probably dislike him more (?) but even then, I don't wish anyone to get canned. Sorry. I don't wish pain out of spite if/when some people deserve it. And even then, who am I to judge who deserves what?

Last thing: if he were to be fired, why gloat? His firing is the ultimate 'win' then. Is dancing on his career-grave going to make anything above and beyond better than his firing to begin with? Probably not. Might even make you look like an asshole to outsiders.
I think being called "cold blooded and cruel" is a bit of an insult. What happens at Walmart when the cashier screws up on the job? He's fired. What happens when an actor causes controversy? He's fired. What happens when a president becomes corrupt? He's impeached.

Are the people who protest for these actors to be fired cruel? Are the people who campaign for presidents to be impeached cold blooded?

I don't want to see anyone lose their livelihood. But if one person's well-being comes at the expense of countless others, you bet I'll side with those countless others.

I don't think anyone is saying they want Scott to live in shambles for the rest of his life. But that doesn't mean his income needs to continue coming from Busch Gardens Williamsburg until he retires.
Well, nobody can win! We want gasparich out, but not in any way that is likely... we want the park to focus on getting money, yet fail to realize without new things, less people will go... Its a vicious cycle. I thought it was an interesting rumor from various employees I know, who sometimes get the wrong info. Somebody says they wish scott was fired,another says he should, another says he could, another says he is going to be, the last says he is already.

God, I hate the game telephone.
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