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Oct 5, 2009
Day 1
We started out for the park about 8am. We arrived about 10 10:30ish to a cool and overcast day. We were not about to let this get the better of us. We trekked into the park and made our way toward Ireland and wanting to get into the first Monster Stomp show. (Yeah right the line was already wrapped around the building.) We decided to head on to Griffon and France. Made it there and stood in line for front row for about 10 min max pretty good timing we thought. As soon as we got to the top of the lift you smelt Trappers. The ride was kind of cool, but definitely awesome as usual. We departed and headed for Trappers our tummies were talking and the grill was talking.
Once we finished lunch it was off to Aplengeist. Got up to the front and there was NO LINE. Wondered if we were in another dimension. Again another cool, but awesome ride. It was then a quick ride on the Carousel. I don't care how old I am I will always love that thing.
From there it was off to DarKastle. The line for it was so fricking long it was ridiculous. We managed to not wait that long even though it seemed like forever. Once we came out it had started to sprinkle a little. It was then off to the swings. I had not ride them in a while and so it felt funny and sad looking across and seeing the wolf quite. The worst part it started raining harder and stung. Soon we were off to San Marco for Art Attack.
I've never watched that from the start and it was interesting. While we sat and enjoyed the show the sun came out and it started getting warm finally. It was off to Da Vinci's Cradle. We then went on to Apollo's chariot little bit of a line, but not bad. About this time the sun was setting and we made our way toward Ireland to give another go at MSR. Again a line to no man
s land. Decided to go through the Cavern of Darkness which was kind a funny to me. I had a scare here and there, but for the most part laughed through it. We then went to try and go through Catacombs, but it had a 30 min wait and we were definitely making the next show for MSR, so we headed back and got in line. We were able to catch Jack is Back and get pretty close to the stage for the show. After that we were pretty tired and knew we would be back tomorrow so we headed out.
Day 2
We made it to the park about 12 it was really cold and really wet. We managed to make it on to Nessie and ride twice straight through without anyone coming up in line. We then caught the train to Italy and rode Turkish Delight and Apollo's Chariot (let me say that was one of the coldest rides ever). We then trekked across the park to get one ride in on Griffon and then we were out of there. Again this was a very cold and wet ride, think we may have even had ice hitting us on the way up. To top it all off we stopped at the sweets shop on the way out and I realized that I had lost my pass, ID, and ATM card somewhere along the way. Needless to say we probably should have stayed away Sunday, but we had to go for the last day of the season.
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