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Mar 26, 2022
The full HHN lineup which includes houses, scare zones, and shows has been announced today. What are you most excited and least excited for? What sounds the most promising?


Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
As with every year, I had to experience HHN. Normally they go all out with IPs but this year was all about the originals. Loved it

Blumhouse of Horrors - ugh they need to just stop doing these.

Halloween - I'm also kinda sick of seeing Michael Myers every other year. A lot of iconic scenes were missing. It's not the worst out there, but this maze kept getting the worst lines. Set design is amazing though

Universal Monsters - was hella fun. Set design was alright, but the actors and costumes were amazing. Loved that they took a cue from Icons last year and had a new winner at the end, even if I got Dracula twice.

The Weeknd - this one was super fun. Loved the music and the atmosphere. Set design wasn't great, but everything else made up for it.

Hellblock and Coven - I put these two together because both of these mazes consistently had the shortest lines of the event so I went through a lot. Hellblock is a little short but really fun. Coven is your classic soundstage maze. Lots of beautiful scenes and a really nice length

Bugs - for some reason, Uni thought it would be a wonderful idea to force you to enter the queue at the Fear Factor theater and walk all around the MIB building to get to this maze even though there was a perfectly good entrance right next to the bathrooms that they used for every HHN I've been to. Long ass walk aside, I loved this maze. I'm surprised Uni hasn't done a bug themed maze before and they did a phenomenal job. Unfortunately the long walk doesn't pay off 100% because the maze is rather short, but we still got something cool.

Descendents of Destruction - another concept I really liked. The whole NYC sewer mutant vibe is perfect. Loved the set design here. I just wish it was longer. This maze felt super short.

Fiesta del Chupacabra - I really enjoyed this maze, but again, it's super short. I'm not a huge fan of split soundstages because they have to cut mazes down to fit them. For a soundstage, set design isn't as impressive, but the actors and the animatronics totally make up for that

Dead Man's Wharf - what a beautiful maze. Sets were massive. You literally felt like you were walking through a town. Effects playing everywhere, violin lady, huge set pieces, I was super impressed. Again, it just suffers from being too short. Ending isn't too strong either. This was probably my favorite maze this year.

Uni went all out with the scare zones this year. Unfortunately, there's a lot more canned scares than usual here.

Scarecrow - obviously the Central Park maze is my favorite. When isn't it? Massive set pieces, great music, cool costumes all come together to make something magical.

Cemetery - a huge scare zone. Great actors. Unfortunately a lot of them rely on canned scares

Pumpkin Lord - they made the Pumpkin Lord from last year the unofficial icon. The scare zone isn't too strong though. It's just a decorated archway with the Pumpkin Lord sitting out front. He really steals the show. I'd love to see him return as an official icon in the future

Halloween Festival - this one was really fun, but it was mostly a photo op scare zone.

Witches - because this one was out of the way, I didn't experience it much. I do remember the witch lady in front of Fast. Unfortunately this zone has been downsized again so it's too small to be really effective

Kudos to Uni for a really solid year. HHN always delivers. As always I'm counting down the days till next HHN 32
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