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Jan 28, 2014
So I know it is super early for this, but the Haunt 2014 thread started around this time last year, so I figured why not start this one now? We have about 8 months until Haunt and probably a solid 6 months before we see any real announcements. That is a heck of a lot of time to speculate about what will happen in Haunt 2015.

In 2014, we lost Miners Revenge, and Medieval Macabre was replaced with the return of Maze of Madness. Some of the maze facades also received upgrades (e.g., Club Blood, Cornstalkers). The scare zones received some updates, but no new zones were added. Cornstalkers won best maze of the year, while The Lair won best scare zone. Looking through reviews, Blue Ridge was the least favorite maze (not shocking), while MoM seemed to disappoint people as well. Although, as expected, the positive reviews increased the further we got into October.

So let's start the discussion for 2015. What would you like to see change in 2015 and what do you think will actually change (big difference)?

Personally, I think a scare zone will be scrapped and replaced, as we haven't gotten a new one since 2012. Feary Tales is my favorite of the zones, but it is also the longest running one, so I think it is on the chopping block. When it comes to mazes, I would like to see Outbreak go. Never been a big fan. I'd rather they just scrap it, open FoF during Haunt, and add a maze somewhere else in the park. However, I think KD likes having the alien theme in the warehouse, so I don't think it'll happen. Instead, I think Slaughterhouse - although I love it - may be on its way out. It's been around since 2010 and seems to fall in the middle of the pack for most people. Doll Factory has been around just as long, but looks like it is more of a crowd favorite. KD may also keep all the current mazes and put one back in the White Water Canyon queue. That is a hard area to work with, but if they went back to it, I'd like to see something done with werewolves. I love werewolves and the woods are perfect for them.

So what do you guys think? We've got a lot of time to kill before we see any announcements, so why not speculate for months until we are all proven wrong? :)
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I think the increased lighting was a result of a new safety regulation that forced KD to, reluctantly, brighten up the event.

Totally agree with you about the scare zones, though. There were times where I'd walk through IronworX and not see a single scare actor.
Last year was my first year of Haunt and while I really did enjoy it it seemed to be lacking atomesphere. Areas that weren't scarezones didn't have props and sometimes they didn't even have music. It just seemed to be missing something.
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From what I understand the park president is not as big a fan on Haunt as her predecessor and was the person who insisted on making it more "kid friendly"
That's not true. Pat Jones has been vice president/general manager since the debut of Haunt in 2007.
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CEO Matt Ouimett has been rolling out family-friendly daytime events like Planet Spooky for Cedar Fair's park. Maybe that's what you were thinking of? I do think that contributed to the issue of children staying late through Haunt.
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Dunno, a park employee told me something about it last year. But you certainly know more about the management team then I do.
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This is the same park that caved to a group of donks complaining about Miners Revenge, so moving toward a "family friendly" event wouldn't shock me, though I agree with Joe. I think the daytime events probably just lead to some kids staying later into Haunt, which may be intentional or not.

Any thoughts on what mazes and/or scare zones we'll be losing this year?
I've heard that Miner's Revenge was removed due to ADA complications. That's something that's taken pretty seriously in the industry lately, I mean look at what Hersheypark is doing with Laff Trakk this year.
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The ADA has really come on strong towards theme parks lately. Supposedly Treasure Cave was closed for the same reason.

I never got to experience any of the mazes in the White Water Canyon area. For those who have, what was in there that would have made the attraction inaccessible to those with disabilities? Would it be possible to modify the area to allow for future attractions?
I'd rather see another Haunt maze building be built than using the WWC queue again. Personally, I think it would be great if KD invested in a half indoor, half outdoor maze in the backwoods of Old Virginia.

Blackbeard's Revenge, Camp Killauee, and Miner's Revenge were all in the bottom half of mazes while at the park.

As far as Haunt goes, I thought last year was yet another good year. I do however think that you have to go on the right nights, the smaller the crowd, the better experience - AKA never go on Saturdays.
I do agree with Hokie that the WWC queue tends to house weak mazes. Although I will say I enjoyed Miners Revenge. At least it had the mine for the actors to hide in, but that only covered like half the area. The area out there is just too open otherwise. They really should just put up another maze building, but I know that will cost money, so it isn't that easy.
So, roughly 3 months until Haunt starts! :D

Anyone know anything?! I know things don't usually stat coming out until August-ish, but I was hopeful that someone, somewhere, knows something!
well, its now july and we're getting closer and closer to haunt. If i remember correctly, the mazes for the past 2 years were announced in late july (pleaze correct me if im wrong). And we saw toxic plague being gutted out also during summer. So has anyone seen anything like that on any of the indoor mazes? Which house do yall think will be on the chopping block? I'm guessing club blood, or slaughter house since they are older houses, but then again they are popular. Also we have not gotten a new scare zone since 2012, so maybe this year we'll get a new one? Just trying to start up this thread again...
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