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Hey! and Welcome... at this time, we/I don't know details on Haunt 2013, sadly. I guess that's why I've been putting off making the topic (bad park manager, I know :p).

But I can say what I am hoping that changes this year. Last year they had the areas looking pretty solid (minus a few things here and there). The houses were great and had amazing props, but the actors were liking energy and the houses were usually majorly unstaffed.

Also the scare zones. They weren't understaffed, they just seemed to not be staffed at all. There was times I walked through and there was no one walking around. But the ones that were there seemed to be trying, but because they were the only ones, they couldn't take a break of any sort.

So hopefully Kings Dominion can put on another great event, but run it better with staffing and what not.
I'm not "really" new, I'm usually a lurker :D

Just thought I'd ask. I like to read about everyone's ideas and thoughts on the event before I go. We're going on Oct 19 for my :shocked: 30th :shocked: birthday!
The park did not start leaking 2012 Halloween Haunt information until early August. KD is in prime summer season operations for the next 5-6 weeks; so, I would not expect them to start generating interest for HH right now. Hang on for another month and then I believe you will start getting tidbits to chew on for this fall.

The only rumors I heard was that, back in early June, somebody noticed park personnel going in and out of the Toxic Plague building.

My assumptions are that we probably will not see any additional mazes or scare-zones for 2013 (i.e. the total number of mazes/scare-zones will stay the same). I think a couple of indoor mazes will get a new theme and maybe a scare-zone.

KD did a complete re-theme of the Congo scare-zone and a major upgrade of of the carn-evil zone last year and tweaked a couple of other ones. The only scare-zone I see being replaced in 2013 is the nursery rhyme themed S-Z on the path between the Eiffel Tower and the Dodgem Building.

For the indoor mazes, my bet is for the Toxic Plague and possibly Club Blood to receive a new theme for this year. Both of those mazes have been tweaked a couple times over the last few seasons; but, are getting a little "long in the tooth" in my opinion. The next oldest set of indoor mazes, Doll Factory, Medieval Macabre, and Dominion Meat Factory, more than likely will be back for 2013 with maybe some seasonal tweaking. KD did some major tweaking to the Dom Meat Factory last year. My guess is that Doll Factory and/or Medieval Macabre will be re-themed in 2014. I am sure the latest incarnation of the Alien themed maze in the FOF queue will be with us for the next couple of seasons as well as the new Hotel themed maze.

Outside mazes are a mystery to me. The Blue Ridge Bloodbath has been tweaked over the years; but, I think it needs a new theme. The fact that it is antique cars on a "road" does seem to limit what themes you can build off of. I don't know what to think of "Camp Killauee" in the White Water Canyon queue line. KD has done a better job of making it more of a maze on the 2nd half of it. The 1st half is somewhat limited based on the narrow queue line. Corn Stalkers still has a couple of years left in it. The park states they can change the maze fairly easily and seem to tweak it each year. That one has been a favorite of the park patrons.

We should see new shows for the International Street stage and the Kings Dominion Theater since both of the previous shows have played for 2 years (2011-2012). I am not sure if Blood Drums is going to come back in 2013. Whether it stays or KD tries something else is unknown.

KD is second only to Knotts in the number of attractions for Halloween Haunt (I think one of the other Cedar Fair parks is tied with KD in number of HH attractions. Not too bad since KD is a 2nd-tier park in the chain (in size/attendance).

Evan is right about KD being short-handed in scaractors in 2012. I think they were 50-60 people short of their goal. I hope the park gets an earlier start this year in hiring and is more aggressive in recruiting folks. Maybe better pay/perks for the workers might entice more to apply.
zebrashoes said:
I'm not "really" new, I'm usually a lurker :D

Just thought I'd ask. I like to read about everyone's ideas and thoughts on the event before I go. We're going on Oct 19 for my :shocked: 30th :shocked: birthday!

If you haven't already, you can read my review of Halloween Haunt from last year here.

Hopefully, if Camp Killauee returns, I hope the actors try and cope with the how the maze is done. It makes it super hard to try and scare someone when they are on a set pathway. The maze gets a lot better once the path moves off of the queue line and into the woods.
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Evan said:
Screamscape said:
The latest buzz from Kings Dominion is that this year’s Haunt may feature two new mazes... Zombie High School and Miner’s Revenge.

This information appears to be confirmed by the local Richmond, VA newspaper this past weekend.

6% increase in staffing (extra 25 people just for the 2013 mazes & scare-zones)

5 live shows.

2 new mazes (see above).
Someone on the KDFansite Facebook site posted a couple behind the scenes pictures of the Corn Stalkers maze. Sounds like like they are adding 2-3 additional structures in the maze. Including one that looks like a windmill. See recent posts.
ScreamScape said:
Screamscape sources tell us that Toxic Plague and CornsStalkers will be removed from this year’s Halloween Haunt line up. Toxic will be replaced by Zombie High and CornStalkers will be replaced by Miner’s Revenge.

Screamscape said:
Looks like we may have jumped the gun by saying that Cornstalkers would be removed. KDHaunt twitter account posted a sneak peek picture of CornStalkers earlier today.


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So far two shows have been confirmed for Haunt this year!

  • Stephen McIntosh
  • James Grice
  • Joey Sikkenna
  • Roberto Aero Whitaker
  • Carol Taylor
  • Jessica Dunford
  • Samantha Hannon

"Edge of Darkness"
  • Christopher Noffke
  • Mark Melton Jr.
  • Ramon Licairan
  • Chappell Lee
  • Anthony Williams
  • Sheri Hayden
  • Katy Monroe
  • Elizabeth Bailey
  • Jade Ross

I keep forgetting to update yall on what's happening. So far the skull is in place in front of the park, Cornstalkers is getting pieced together and the surrounding facade and sign for Medieval Macabre have been installed.

I haven't heard anything official on which two mazes are being removed, but lots of stuff is going on the Toxic Plague is being removed. I, personally, am fine with this, as this maze wasn't highly impressive and has seen its final days.
An all-new Peanuts-themed kid's Halloween event, Planet Spooky, will debut as part of Haunt this year to tie in with the bigger, better Planet Snoopy. My assumption is that it is a new, revamped version of Howl-o-Fest.

From September 28 - October 27, bring the little ones to Planet Spooky for frightful fun and spooky activities the entire family can enjoy together. The event will take place on Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm - 5pm. Check back soon for more details!
Link to Planet Spooky web page

Here is a picture of a poster I shot yesterday near some restrooms:


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J0E1 said:
EDIT: I like how Planet Spooky events take place earlier in the day, and ends just before Haunt starts so the little ones have their fill and can avoid circuit-overload of too much spookiness. Looks like they've thought ahead. Yoo-hoo, Busch Gardens! This is how it's done!

Busch Gardens does that, all their kid areas close right before Howl-o-Scream starts, parents just don't listen here versus there.
HoS starts at 7, play areas close at 8. Not to mention kid rides that aren't in play areas remain open all night.
True, but outside of a few things in Sesame Street (a show, I believe?), there isn't much of a "Halloween event" for the kids to participate in as part of the event, whereas Planet Spooky is pretty much an entire event meant to give kids their own event and give them their fill. Apparently Busch Gardens used to do "Kooky Spooky Dragons & Friends" as a smaller-scale children's event in Land of the Dragons, which, of course, has been no longer for years. I think most parents complain about Howl-o-Scream because there's not quite as much for the kids to do, so the end up wandering into Howl-O-Scream and getting the animal crackers scared out of them.
Howl-o-Scream starts at 6PM, Land of the Dragons closes at 5PM and Sesame Street closes at 5:30PM, but with that said, yeah there are a few kids rides elsewhere, but Busch Gardens doesn't have any listed event, but they do have some activities like pumpkin painting/carving?
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