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Feb 14, 2019
Not sure where else this should go:

Anyone know what the re-entry policy is?
You can go in and out all day. Just get your hand stamped at any of the four exits.
Even after the nighttime activities begin?


Yes. People trek in and out all day and night. The big issue will be leaving the event at the end of the night as traffic is an absolute nightmare on the causeway. If I were you I'd book a room at Breakers so you wouldn't have to deal with that.
I dunno how accurate Reddit is being, but what should I expect for crowds on Friday and Saturday next week? I expect it to be busy, but their stories are making it sound like you'll be waiting for so long for rides that you'll do basically nothing
Sounds about right unfortunately :/ I’d splurge the really high markup on a Fast Lane if you only get to go every few years. Even then, the Fast Lane lines will still probably be 15-30 minutes for the most popular of rides.
It's gonna be crowded especially if the weather is nice out and not raining.

This happened three years ago. The park was so crowded that they had to shut down the causeway into the park.

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