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Believe they said they're remodeling the entire outdoor turnaround section in the parking lot. Something about a 110 degree overbank right after the barrel roll.
To be totally honest, this looks better than the RMC inversions.


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As someone who adores Gravity Group, this looks amazing. With RMC and GG innovating so heavily, it's time for GCI to step up their game.
I love the pre-lift. It kinda throws you off a bit. The new trains also help with this ride a lot, not only in the barrel roll, but the rest of the ride also. And it's awesome that they turned on the lights in the tunnel so that you can see. Advantages of test run videos!
destroyer421 said:
Note the metal supports. It makes it possible to do inversions with 100% wooden track.

They could've use all wood but it would've required a ton of it and that would've looked horrible. Besides, Hades was initially built as a hybrid (steel structure with wood trackbed) so it only makes sense to use that for the inversion.
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