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Feb 3, 2019
H2OBX opened in 2017. It is currently 30 acres and they have enough land to expand to 95 acres (which would make it the largest in the country)

So far, they have the mix of slides that everyone would expect.

It also has my favorite waterslide ever. The funny thing about that, is this slide doesn't even have a name. It's in the Calico Jack's kids area.

It's a body tube with a bowl. As an adult going down it, you get some serious momentum. The drop into the bowl can be a bit of a shock the first time and if you don't know it's coming, can be a bit painful. The faster you go down the body tube though, the smoother the ride is.

Seriously though, best slide ever.
Just drove by this earlier, looks sad as it's out of commission from the pandemic.

Would have been curious if it'd have been worth the trek from the OBX for an afternoon.
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