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Sep 30, 2015
RE: Grogan’s Grill

We had a great meal at the Grill this past weekend. I had the Killarny Platter and the wife had the bread bowl stew. Also grabbed a chocolate cake (DEFINITELY get this! with the cherry on top.) The sausages were great and my cabbage was really good. I was wondering how my stomach might react to this later in the day, but had no issues with the food. Wife's bread bowl was good. Said the meat a little tough, but still good. And that cake.. oh my goodness. It was like eating a fudge slathered chocolate cake. It was the best thing we had there.
Jun 23, 2010
RE: Grogan’s Grill

Grogan's Grill was one of my favorite eateries at Busch Gardens, and I wish it was open regularly again. The food was unique, like the pork dinner and beef stew and the atmosphere was lovely. I enjoyed eating under the huge wisteria vines or taking food to Grogan's Pub on a rainy day. I'm hoping Battle For Eire will bring more people to that area and encourage the park to reopen Grogan's Grill. Does anyone else think it will be open regularly in 2018?
May 17, 2013
RE: Grogan’s Grill

I appreciate g.g. also. I miss having the soup sampler at Christmas town. And the pork platter with baked potato is one of the best entrees they have.

I wish they could rework the entrance to the ride and combine the grill and pub into an expanded eatery with both indoor and outdoor seating. If done right this would make it a true pub.
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Feb 12, 2011
RE: O' Taters Irish Restaurant

O'Taters? What is with Virginia parks and goofy-sounding renames?

However, I'm glad to see the stew has been kept on the menu. And hopefully we can expect the restaurant to actually be open this season.

Lord Robert

"Not pet. Wingman."
Apr 18, 2014
RE: O' Taters Irish Restaurant

Joe said:
O'Taters? What is with Virginia parks and goofy-sound renames?

I know right? First "Racer 75" and "Apple Zapple", now this? But it's good to know that some of the good food from the old menu stays. :)
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