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Can I get a whoop whoop! Yeah... BGW listens!! :D

Part of my request letter a while back: Also, when I glimpsed into the Griffon control room I was really impressed by the camera angles and immediately another idea popped in my head. I know many people loved the Christmas Town webcam and I think having a "Griffon-Cam" would be a great way to advertise and entice folks to come to the park. Have the camera set right at the top looking down and viewers can log in to see the coaster make the swoop down over and over.

I am so proud. Thanks BGW!! :blush:
We were at the park at from 3-8 last night so we haven't been able to watch the web cam yet. My 7 year old has been up since 6:30 this morning, waiting for it to be turned on :) He keeps asking, "Is it on yet Daddy?" A true junkie.

Grrrrr. It's not on. I wonder what the plan is for broadcast hours?
The Griffon-cam is only running when the park is open. It should be going until the park closes tonight. Check BGW's park operation schedule on their website to see when the park is open and closed each day.

Hope your son gets to watch the Griffon soon. I saw it running yesterday and it was really neat to be sitting at my desk watching the coaster.
I sent them a tweet about it and they tweeted back that it will be running from 11-6 today and tomorrow. My son's been staring at it for over two hours now.
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